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Fujita Hideaki

フジタ ヒデアキ | Fujita Hideaki
Affiliation and department:
Job title: 助教
Papers (87):
  • Masanobu Horie, Noriko Yamano-Adachi, Yoshinori Kawabe, Hidenori Kaneoka, Hideaki Fujita, Eiji Nagamori, Ryosuke Iwai, Yasushi Sato, Kei Kanie, Seiichi Ohta, et al. Recent advances in animal cell technologies for industrial and medical applications. Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering. 2022
  • Hideaki Fujita, Masanobu Horie, Kazunori Shimizu, Eiji Nagamori. Microarray profiling of gene expression in C2C12 myotubes trained by electric pulse stimulation. Journal of bioscience and bioengineering. 2021. 132. 4. 417-422
  • Kazuko Okamoto, Tomonobu M. Watanabe, Masanobu Horie, Masayoshi Nishiyama, Yoshie Harada, Hideaki Fujita. Pressure-induced changes on the morphology and gene expression in mammalian cells. Biology Open. 2021. 10. 7
  • Hiroaki Machiyama, Tomoyuki Yamaguchi, Tomonobu M Watanabe, Toshio Yanagida, Hideaki Fujita. Activation probability of a single naïve T cell upon TCR ligation is controlled by T cells interacting with the same antigen-presenting cell. FEBS letters. 2021
  • Hideaki Fujita. Effect of cell-extracellular matrix interaction on myogenic characteristics and artificial skeletal muscle tissue. Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering. 2020. 130. 1. 98-105
MISC (1):
  • FUKUDA N., FUJITA H., ISHIWATA S. Effects of pH on spontaneous tension oscillation in skinned cardiac muscle. Biophysics. 1997. 37. S207
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