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Hojyo Shintaro

ホウジョウ シンタロウ | Hojyo Shintaro
Affiliation and department:
Homepage URL  (1): http://www.igm.hokudai.ac.jp/neuroimmune/jpn/career/index.html
Research field  (2): Nutrition and health science ,  Immunology
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • 2013 - 2014 亜鉛トランスポーター ZIP10によるBCRシグナル制御機構の解明
Papers (37):
  • Shintaro Hojyo, Damon Tumes, Akihiko Murata, Koji Tokoyoda. Multiple developmental pathways lead to the generation of CD4 T cell memory. International immunology. 2020
  • Christian Männe, Akiko Takaya, Yuzuru Yamasaki, Mathias Mursell, Shintaro Hojyo, Tsung-Yen Wu, Jana Sarkander, Mairi A McGrath, Rebecca Cornelis, Stefanie Hahne, et al. Salmonella SiiE prevents an efficient humoral immune memory by interfering with IgG+ plasma cell persistence in the bone marrow. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2019. 116. 15. 7425-7430
  • Toshiyuki Fukada, Shintaro Hojyo, Takafumi Hara, Teruhisa Takagishi. Revisiting the old and learning the new of zinc in immunity. Nature immunology. 2019. 20. 3. 248-250
  • Jana Sarkander, Shintaro Hojyo, Mathias Mursell, Yuzuru Yamasaki, Tsung-Yen Wu, Damon J Tumes, Kosuke Miyauchi, Cam Loan Tran, Jinfang Zhu, Max Löhning, et al. Enhanced Cell Division Is Required for the Generation of Memory CD4 T Cells to Migrate Into Their Proper Location. Frontiers in immunology. 2019. 10. 3113-3113
  • Gang Wang, Anup K Biswas, Wanchao Ma, Manoj Kandpal, Courtney Coker, Paul M Grandgenett, Michael A Hollingsworth, Rinku Jain, Kurenai Tanji, Sara Lόpez-Pintado, et al. Metastatic cancers promote cachexia through ZIP14 upregulation in skeletal muscle. Nature medicine. 2018. 24. 6. 770-781
MISC (16):
  • 北條 慎太郎. 自己免疫疾患における濾胞制御性T細胞の役割. ファルマシア. 2018. 54. 9. 902-902
  • 深田 俊幸, 宮井 智浩, 北條 慎太郎, 賓 範浩, 入江 太朗, 田中 準一, 美島 健二. ZIP10を介した亜鉛シグナル伝達はB細胞の維持と獲得免疫に必要である(ZIP10-mediated zinc signaling is required for B-cell maintenance and acquired immunity). 日本病理学会会誌. 2015. 104. 1. 381-381
  • Shintaro Hojyo, Tomohiro Miyai, Toshiyuki Fukada. B-cell receptor strength and zinc signaling: Unraveling the role of zinc transporter ZIP10 in humoral immunity. Receptors & Clinical Investigation. 2015. 2. e387
  • 佐々木 俊, 北條 慎太郎, 深田 俊幸, 古市 達哉. ノックアウトマウスから明らかとなった亜鉛トランスポーターZIP14による骨量制御メカニズム. 日本獣医学会学術集会講演要旨集. 2014. 157回. 539-539
  • 北條 慎太郎, 賓 範浩, 深田 俊幸. 【骨代謝 つくり、壊し、変える-そのメカニズムと最新治療 分子機構から骨粗鬆症・リウマチなど骨疾患への応用まで】(第II部) 骨代謝疾患を知る (第5章)骨の疾患 原因からみた骨代謝異常 亜鉛シグナルによる骨代謝制御とその破綻がもたらす異常. 実験医学. 2014. 32. 7. 1108-1118
Books (2):
  • Zinc Signals in Cellular Functions and Disorders
    Springer, Tokyo 2014
  • 亜鉛の機能と健康 : 新たにわかった多彩な機能
    建帛社 2013 ISBN:9784767961712
Lectures and oral presentations  (18):
  • Antigen priming of XCR1+ dendritic cells guides the differentiation of resting memory T helper cells
    (Department of Microbiology, Infectious Diseases and Immunology, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany 2019)
  • B cells influence on an environmental cue for IL-2-dependent generation of resting memory T helper cells.
    (47th Annual Meeting of the German Society for Immunology (DGfI))
  • B cells suppress the establishment of resting memory CD4 T cells in the bone marrow
  • B cells suppress the establishment of resting memory CD4 T cells in the bone marrow.
    (46th Annual Meeting of the German Society for Immunology (DGfI))
  • T follicular helper cell-independent generation of bone marrow-resident resting memory T helper cells.
    (4th European Congress of Immunology (ECI))
Awards (8):
  • 2017/02 - 日本学術振興会 海外特別研究員
  • 2015/04 - Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Humboldt Research Fellowship for postdoctoral researchers
  • 2013/09 - 日本生化学学会 第86回日本生化学学会 鈴木紘一メモリアル賞
  • 2013/06 - トランスポーター研究会 第8回トランスポーター研究会年会 優秀ポスター賞
  • 2012/01 - International Society for Zinc Biology (ISZB) The 6th Meeting of the International Society for Zinc Biology Travel Award
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