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プール パーカー ジャスティン | PARKER POOL JUSTIN
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Special Appointed Lecturer
Papers (9):
  • Pool, J.P, Swann, S.A. Implementing cooperative board games. PanSIG Journal. 2020. 235-241
  • Pool, J.P, Yoshida, H. Classroom learning environments with mobile assisted language learning. Journal of Information System and Technology Management. 2019. 4. 11. 107-113
  • Pool, J. P. Menus, movie clips, and online review websites: Exploring authentic materials via a restaurant unit. PanSIG Journal. 2019. 196-202
  • Pool, J.P. Lebo-Lebo game. The Language Teacher. 2018. 41. 2. 32-33
  • Pool, J.P, Yoshida, H. Concurrent instruction of Japanese adult learners via independent CALL methods and classroom instruction. The IAFOR International Conference on Education - Hawaii 2018 Conference Proceedings. 2018
Lectures and oral presentations  (11):
  • Pool, J.P. & Yoshida, H. (July, 2019). The impact of cooperative gaming on the speaking ability and motivation of adult English learners of a Japanese business: A qualitative study
  • Integrating journal writing into your course: Learner benefits and how-to guide
    (Osaka JALT’s 9th Annual Spring Mini-Conference 2019)
  • Implementing cooperative board games
    (JALT PanSIG Conference 2019)
  • Integrating conversation courses with online self-study: The effect of engagement on language gains
    (International Conference on Education and Social Sciences 2019)
  • Growth of L2 voice and confidence via journals
    (JALT 2018: 44th International Conference on Language Teaching and Learning & Educational Materials Exhibition 2018)
Professional career (2):
  • Masters of Applied Linguistics (University of Massachusetts Boston)
  • 修士号:応用言語学 (マサチューセッツ大学ボストン校)
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