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amaha kentaro

アマハ ケンタロウ | amaha kentaro
Affiliation and department:
Job title: 副医長
Papers (6):
  • Kentaro Amaha, Tatsuya Arimoto, Nobuto Kitamura. Effect of toe exercises and toe grip strength on the treatment of primary metatarsalgia. Journal of orthopaedic surgery and research. 2020. 15. 1. 580-580
  • Soichi Hattori, Akimoto Nimura, Minoru Koyama, Masahiro Tsutsumi, Kentaro Amaha, Hiroshi Ohuchi, Keiichi Akita. Dorsiflexion is more feasible than plantar flexion in ultrasound evaluation of the calcaneofibular ligament: a combination study of ultrasound and cadaver. Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy. 2020. 28. 1. 262-269
  • Kentaro Amaha, Akimoto Nimura, Reiko Yamaguchi, Natnicha Kampan, Atsushi Tasaki, Kumiko Yamaguchi, Ryuichi Kato, Keiichi Akita. Anatomic study of the medial side of the ankle base on the joint capsule: an alternative description of the deltoid and spring ligament. Journal of Experimental Orthopaedics. 2019. 6. 1. 2-2
  • Reiko Yamaguchi, Akimoto Nimura, Kentaro Amaha, Kumiko Yamaguchi, Yuko Segawa, Atsushi Okawa, Keiichi Akita. Anatomy of the Tarsal Canal and Sinus in Relation to the Subtalar Joint Capsule. Foot and Ankle International. 2018. 39. 11. 1360-1369
  • Kentaro Amaha, Tatsuya Arimoto, Masayoshi Saito, Atsushi Tasaki, Soichi Tsuji. Shorter recovery can be achieved from using walking boot after operative treatment of an ankle fracture. Asia-Pacific Journal of Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy, Rehabilitation and Technology. 2017. 7. 10-14
MISC (96):
  • 天羽 健太郎, 北村 信人. 【いつ手術・インターベンションに送るの? 今でしょ!今じゃないでしょ!今のジョーシキ![感染症・内分泌・整形外科編]】整形外科疾患 変形性関節症. 総合診療. 2020. 30. 9. 1081-1086
  • 天羽 健太郎, 有本 竜也, 北村 信人. 第5中足骨近位部骨折治療におけるエコー所見. 日本足の外科学会雑誌. 2020. 41. 1. 129-131
  • 有本 竜也, 天羽 健太郎, 北村 信人. 母趾基節骨裂離骨折を伴うturf toeに対してMTP関節鏡下骨片摘出術を施行した1例. 日本足の外科学会雑誌. 2020. 41. 1. 351-353
  • 天羽 健太郎. 【鏡視下手術の進歩-小関節から脊椎まで】母趾種子骨障害に対する鏡視下種子骨切除. 別冊整形外科. 2020. 77. 258-261
  • 有本 竜也, 天羽 健太郎. 【内科医として"足"を診る-靴下をとって足病変を見逃すな!】足の症候学 足の疼痛. 内科. 2019. 124. 5. 2245-2248
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