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okada yoko

okada yoko
Research field  (1): Neurology
Research keywords  (1): 神経内科 脳卒中 動脈硬化 血管機能
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (4):
  • 2022 - 2026 Analysis of vascular endothelial function as therapeutic targets in autoimmune neurological diseases
  • 2021 - 2025 サルコペニア・動脈硬化・認知機能低下の新規治療標的としてのAGEsの探究
  • 2019 - 2023 Analysis of Vascular Endothelial Function with Ultrasound in Neurological Diseases
  • 2017 - 2018 Endothelial dysfunction in Neurodegenerative disorders
Papers (97):
  • Yasuharu Tabara, Yoko Okada, Masayuki Ochi, Yasumasa Ohyagi, Michiya Igase. One-leg standing time is a simple measure for loss of skeletal muscle mass and fat deposition in muscle: the J-SHIPP study. Aging clinical and experimental research. 2024. 36. 1. 7-7
  • Seiko Koizumi, Yoko Okada, Shiroh Miura, Yuuki Imai, Keiji Igase, Yasumasa Ohyagi, Michiya Igase. Ingestion of a collagen peptide containing high concentrations of prolyl-hydroxyproline and hydroxyprolyl-glycine reduces advanced glycation end products levels in the skin and subcutaneous blood vessel walls: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry. 2023
  • Yasuharu Tabara, Yoko Okada, Masayuki Ochi, Yasumasa Ohyagi, Michiya Igase. Associations between adiponectin and leptin levels and skeletal muscle mass and myosteatosis in older adults: The Shimanami Health Promoting Program study. Geriatrics & gerontology international. 2023. 23. 6. 444-449
  • Shiroh Miura, Shigeyoshi Hiruki, Tomohisa Okada, Satoko Itani Takei, Kensuke Senzaki, Yoko Okada, Masayuki Ochi, Yuki Tanabe, Hirofumi Ochi, Michiya Igase, et al. Case report: Frontotemporal dementia and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis caused by a missense variant (p.Arg89Trp) in the valosin-containing protein gene. Frontiers in genetics. 2023. 14. 1155998-1155998
  • Kensuke Senzaki, Yoko Okada, Hirofumi Ochi, Masayuki Ochi, Satoko I. Takei, Shiroh Miura, Michiya Igase, Yasumasa Ohyagi. Vascular endothelial dysfunction associated with severity in multiple sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders. 2021. 54. 103135-103135
MISC (25):
  • 岡田陽子, 伊賀瀬道也, 田原康玄, 越智雅之, 大八木保政. Vascular stiffness, evaluation of the standard value in healthy Japanese. 日本脳神経超音波学会総会プログラム・抄録集. 2020. 39th
  • 尾原麻耶, 松本清香, 田原康玄, 白岡朗, 岡田陽子, 越智雅之, 越智博文, 伊賀瀬道也, 小原克彦, 大八木保政. 末梢インスリン抵抗性および分泌低下は認知機能悪化を促進する. 日本老年医学会雑誌. 2018. 55. Suppl. 111-111
  • 越智雅之, 白岡朗, 松本清香, 千崎健佑, 岡田陽子, 尾原麻耶, 越智博文, 伊賀瀬道也, 大八木保政. 進行性核上性麻痺における心臓自律神経機能障害. 日本老年医学会雑誌. 2018. 55. Suppl. 158-158
  • 越智 雅之, 白岡 朗, 松本 清香, 加藤 丈陽, 岡田 陽子, 尾原 麻耶, 越智 博文, 伊賀瀬 道也, 大八木 保政. 関節リウマチに自己免疫性末梢神経障害を合併した高齢男性の1例. 日本老年医学会雑誌. 2017. 54. 4. 627-628
  • 伊賀瀬 道也, 岡田 陽子, 尾原 麻耶, 加藤 丈陽, 白岡 朗, 松本 清香, 千崎 健佑, 越智 雅之, 越智 博文, 大八木 保政. 認知症予防の最前線. 愛媛医学. 2017. 36. 2. 77-81
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