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Sakai Takayuki

サカイ タカユキ | Sakai Takayuki
Affiliation and department:
Job title: 流動研究員
Research field  (3): Pharmaceuticals - chemistry and drug development ,  Cognitive neuroscience ,  Radiology
Papers (3):
  • Kentaro Oh-Hashi, Shiori Matsumoto, Takayuki Sakai, Yoko Hirata, Kensuke Okuda, Hideko Nagasawa. Effects of 2-(2-Chlorophenyl)ethylbiguanide on ERAD Component Expression in HT-29 Cells Under a Serum- and Glucose-Deprived Condition. Applied biochemistry and biotechnology. 2019. 188. 4. 1009-1021
  • Kentaro Oh-Hashi, Shiori Matsumoto, Takayuki Sakai, Yuki Nomura, Kensuke Okuda, Hideko Nagasawa, Yoko Hirata. Elucidating the rapid action of 2-(2-chlorophenyl)ethylbiguanide on HT-29 cells under a serum- and glucose-deprived condition. Cell biology and toxicology. 2018. 34. 4. 279-290
  • Kentaro Oh-Hashi, Nao Irie, Takayuki Sakai, Kensuke Okuda, Hideko Nagasawa, Yoko Hirata, Kazutoshi Kiuchi. Elucidation of a novel phenformin derivative on glucose-deprived stress responses in HT-29 cells. Molecular and cellular biochemistry. 2016. 419. 1-2. 29-40
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