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Wu Yue

ゴ ユエ | Wu Yue
Affiliation and department:
Job title: 助教
Research field  (1): Nutrition and health science
Research keywords  (1): Analytical Chemistry
Papers (37):
  • Yue Wu, Yifan Chen, Min Zhang, Hitoshi Chiba, Shu-Ping Hui. Plasmalogen Profiling in Porcine Brain Tissues by LC-MS/MS. Foods (Basel, Switzerland). 2023. 12. 16
  • Zhen Chen, Nianqiu Shen, Xunzhi Wu, Jiaping Jia, Yue Wu, Hitoshi Chiba, Shuping Hui. Extraction and Quantitation of Phytosterols from Edible Brown Seaweeds: Optimization, Validation, and Application. Foods (Basel, Switzerland). 2023. 12. 2
  • Zhen Chen, Shuji Sai, Kiyoshi Nagumo, Yue Wu, Hitoshi Chiba, Shu-Ping Hui. Distinctive serum lipidomic profile of IVIG-resistant Kawasaki disease children before and after treatment. PloS one. 2023. 18. 3. e0283710
  • Eri Furukawa, Zhen Chen, Tomoaki Kubo, Yue Wu, Koichiro Ueda, Madalitso Chelenga, Hitoshi Chiba, Yojiro Yanagawa, Seiji Katagiri, Masashi Nagano, et al. Simultaneous free fatty acid elevations and accelerated desaturation in plasma and oocytes in early postpartum dairy cows under intensive feeding management. Theriogenology. 2022. 193. 20-29
  • 竹内 美音, 陳 震, Shen Nianqiu, Wu Yue, Wu Xunzhi, 千葉 仁志, 惠 淑萍. LC/MSによるリピドミクスを用いた海藻由来植物ステロールの神経細胞に対する脂質異常改善作用の検討. JSBMS Letters. 2022. 47. Suppl. 82-82
MISC (10):
  • 沈てん秋, 陳震, WU Yue, 呉訓智, 千葉仁志, 惠淑萍. Optimization of extraction methods for seaweed phytosterols and evaluation of their neurological bioactivity. 臨床化学(Web). 2022. 51
  • 呉訓智, 陳震, WU Yue, 陳一凡, 沈てん秋, 千葉仁志, 惠淑萍. Flazin modulates lipid droplet dynamics in HK-2 cells. 臨床化学(Web). 2022. 51
  • 古川瑛理, 陳震, 窪友瑛, CHELENGA Madalitso, WU Yue, 千葉仁志, 柳川洋二郎, 片桐成二, 惠淑萍, 永野昌志. 乳牛の血漿遊離脂肪酸濃度上昇に伴う卵子エネルギー代謝関連脂質プロファイルの変化. 日本生殖医学会雑誌. 2022. 67. 3
  • JIA Jiaping, CHEN Zhen, WU Yue, CHIBA Hitoshi, HUI Shu-Ping. Investigation of the storage-induced changes of plasmalogens in fish by LC/MS. JSBMS Letters. 2021. 46. Supplement
  • CHIN Shin, LIANG Qiangrong, WU Yue, CHIBA Hitoshi, HUI Shu-Ping. Lipids and lipid hydroperoxides in multiple tissues from type 2 diabetic model mice. JSBMS Letters. 2021. 46. Supplement
Professional career (1):
  • 保健科学修士 (北海道大学)
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