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Okura Shota

オオクラ ショウタ | Okura Shota
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Researcher
Homepage URL  (2): https://www.pari.go.jp/unit/kaikj/member/okura.htmlhttps://www.pari.go.jp/unit/kaikj/en/member/okura.html
Research field  (1): Hydroengineering
Research keywords  (2): 衛星画像 ,  流動・水質モニタリング
Papers (2):
  • Shota Okura, Tetsuya Hiraishi. Experimental Study on Scouring of Land behind Seawall due to Overflowing Tsunami. Journal of Coastal Research. 2018. 85. 821-825
  • Tetsuya Hiraishi, Shota Okura. Experimental study on effect of wave set-up in storm surge. Procedia IUTAM. 2017. 25. 52-59
MISC (5):
  • 細川真也, 大倉翔太. On In Situ Accuracy Verification and Calibration of Wind Speed and Direction Meter on the Ship: Study using a ferry on a regular service route at the mouth of Tokyo Bay. 港湾空港技術研究所資料(CD-ROM). 2021. 1382
  • 百田恭輔, 細川真也, 小室隆, 大倉翔太, 井上徹教, 椎葉直子. Predation pressure on macroinvertebrates in eelgrass beds. 日本生態学会大会講演要旨(Web). 2020. 67th
  • 細川真也, 百田恭輔, 百田恭輔, 大倉翔太, 小室隆. Environmental DNA metabarcoding and diversity analysis for the fish community in coastal areas. 港湾空港技術研究所資料(CD-ROM). 2020. 1373
  • 百田恭輔, 細川真也, 大倉翔太, 井上徹教. 異なる機能を持つアマモ葉上無脊椎動物に対する捕食圧の評価. 日本生態学会大会講演要旨(Web). 2019. 66th
  • 平石哲也, 森信人, 安田誠宏, 東良慶, 間瀬肇, PRASTEYO Adi, 大倉翔太. CHARACTERISTICS OF TSUNAMI GENERATOR NEWLY IMPLEMENTED WITH THREE GENERATION MODES. 土木学会論文集 B2(海岸工学)(Web). 2015. 71. 2
Education (2):
  • 2015 - 2017 Kyoto University Department of Civil and Earth Resources Engineering
  • 2011 - 2015 Kyoto University School of Global Engineering
Work history (1):
  • 2017/04 - 現在 Port and Airport Research Institute Researcher
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