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Hsiao Li-Chun

シャオ リチュン | Hsiao Li-Chun
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Associate Professor
Research field  (1): Literature - British/English-languag
Research keywords  (1): Postcolonial Theory, Anglophone Postcolonial Literatures, Caribbean Literatures and Cultures, Literary and Cultural Theories, Psychoanalysis, Modernism, Contemporary Taiwan literature and Culture
Papers (8):
  • HSIAO, Li-Chun. Staging the World: Cross-Cultural (Il)literacy, Taiwan’s Mobile Stage Phenomenon, and Shen Chao-liang’s Stage Series. Critical Arts South-North Cultural and Media Studies. 2020. 34. 5. 87-106
  • HSIAO, Li-Chun. Taiwan and Theory: A Forum on the Keywords Taiwan Project and the Local Vocabulary of Theory. Chung Wai Literary Quarterly. 2017. 46. 4. 219-255
  • HSIAO, Li-Chun. Tales of the Forking Paths of Theory: An Interview with Liao Ping-hui on the Question of Theory. Chung Wai Literary Quarterly. 2016. 45. 4. 251-274
  • HSIAO, Li-Chun. Theoretical Thinking on the Fault Lines of Theory, Commonsense, and Reform. Chung Wai Literary Quarterly. 2014. 43. 1. 15-58
  • HSIAO, Li-Chun. Color (Un)conscious: Psychoanalysis, Resistance, and the Specter/Spectacle of Race. Concentric: Literary and Cultural Studies. 2010. 36. 1. 159-187
Books (5):
  • Keywords for Theory/Taiwan, Book chapter: De/fault
    Taipei: Unitas 2019
  • Comparatizing Taiwan/ Book chapter: Far-fetched Lands: The Caribbean, Taiwan, and Submarine Relations
    New York: Routledge 2015
  • Feminist Criticism / Postcolonialism
    Taipei: Council of Cultural Development of Executive Yuan, Taiwan 2010
  • Representing Humanity in an Age of Terror/ Book chapter: The Black Body and Representations of the (In)human.” Thematic issue “Representing Humanity in an Age of Terror
    Purdue University Press 2010 ISBN:155753568X
  • This Shipwreck of Fragments”: Historical Memory, Imaginary Identities, and Postcolonial Geography in Caribbean Culture and Literature
    London: Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2009
Education (3):
  • 1998 - 2004 State University of New York at Buffalo Comparative Literature
  • 1991 - 1995 National Taiwan University Foreign Languages and Literatures
  • 1987 - 1991 National Chung Hsing University Foreign Languages and Literatures
Professional career (2):
  • Ph.D. (State University of New York at Buffalo)
  • Ph.D. (State University of New York at Buffalo)
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