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Shudo Yuta

シュドウ ユウタ | Shudo Yuta
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (2): Inorganic materials ,  Composite materials and interfaces
Research keywords  (4): 吸着化学 ,  ナノ材料 ,  酸化グラフェン ,  金属錯体
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (2):
  • 2023 - 2024 液相中メタノールを選択的に吸着する吸着材の開発
  • 2019 - 2021 極性場を利用した二次元ハイブリッドメモリ材料の研究
Papers (20):
  • Yuta Shudo, Setsuko Numano, Tohru Kawamoto, Akira Takahashi. Recovery of Pure Methanol from Humid Gas Using Mn-Co Prussian Blue Analogue. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 2023. 15. 9. 11977-11982
  • Sora Wakamatsu, Md. Saidul Islam, Yuta Shudo, Masahiro Fukuda, Ryuta Tagawa, Nonoka Goto, Michio Koinuma, Yoshihiro Sekine, Shinya Hayami. Efficient oxygen evolution reaction catalyst using Ni-Co layered double hydroxide anchored on reduced graphene oxide. Energy Advances. 2023
  • Nurun Nahar Rabin, Md. Saidul Saidul Islam, Mohammad Atiqur Rahman, Ryuta Tagawa, Yuta Shudo, Yoshihiro Sekine, Shinya Hayami. Free-standing graphene oxide/oxidized carbon nanotube films with mixed proton and electron conductor properties. Energy Advances. 2023
  • Ryo Ohtani, Haruka Yoshino, Junichi Yanagisawa, Hiroyoshi Ohtsu, Daisuke Hashizume, Yuh Hijikata, Jenny Pirillo, Masaaki Sadakiyo, Kenichi Kato, Yuta Shudo, et al. Flexibility Control of Two-Dimensional Coordination Polymers by Crystal Morphology: Water Adsorption and Thermal Expansion. Chemistry - A European Journal. 2021. 27. 72. 18135-18140
  • Md. Saidul Islam, Yuta Shudo, Shinya Hayami. Energy conversion and storage in fuel cells and super-capacitors from chemical modifications of carbon allotropes: State-of-art and prospect. Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan. 2021
MISC (1):
  • 首藤雄大. 吸着材による資源循環型社会への貢献. CanAppleニュースレター. 2023. 250
Lectures and oral presentations  (1):
  • 酸化グラフェンの最新の研究動向
    (第12回酸化グラフェン研究会 2019)
Education (3):
  • 2018 - 2021 Kumamoto University Graduate School of Science and Technology
  • 2016 - 2018 Kumamoto University Graduate School of Science and Technology
  • 2012 - 2016 Kumamoto University Faculty of Science Department of Science
Professional career (1):
  • 理学 (熊本大学)
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