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Yoshida Yuki

ヨシダ ユウキ | Yoshida Yuki
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Plants: molecular biology and physiology
Papers (9):
  • Rina Hoshino, Yuki Yoshida, Hirokazu Tsukaya. Multiple steps of leaf thickening during sun-leaf formation in Arabidopsis. The Plant Journal. 2019. 100. 4. 738-753
  • Howe, G.A., Yoshida, Y. Evolutionary Origin of JAZ Proteins and Jasmonate Signaling. Molecular Plant. 2019
  • Guo, Q., Yoshida, Y., Major, I.T., Wang, K., Sugimoto, K., Kapali, G., Havko, N.E., Benning, C., Howe, G.A. JAZ repressors of metabolic defense promote growth and reproductive fitness in Arabidopsis. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2018. 115. 45. E10768-E10777
  • Yoshida, Y., Sarmiento-Mañús, R., Yamori, W., Ponce, M.R., Micol, J.L., Tsukaya, H. The arabidopsis phyB-9 mutant has a second-site mutation in the VENOSA4 gene that alters chloroplast size, photosynthetic traits, and leaf growth. Plant Physiology. 2018. 178. 1
  • Major, I.T., Yoshida, Y., Campos, M.L., Kapali, G., Xin, X.-F., Sugimoto, K., de Oliveira Ferreira, D., He, S.Y., Howe, G.A. Regulation of growth-defense balance by the JASMONATE ZIM-DOMAIN (JAZ)-MYC transcriptional module. New Phytologist. 2017. 215. 4
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