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YanHuang - YH1 Genome Database: YH1

YanHuang - YH1 Genome Database: YH1
Resource classification: Data,Database
Tag (subject)  (2): DNA ,  Genome/Gene
Tag (data type)  (1): Sequence
The YH database presents the entire DNA sequence of a Han Chinese individual, as a representative of Asian population. This genome, named as YH, is the start of YanHuang Project, which aims to sequence 100 Chinese individuals in 3 years.assembled based on 3.3 billion reads (117.7Gbp raw data) generated by Illumina Genome Analyzer. In total of 102.9Gbp nucleotides were mapped onto the NCBI human reference genome (Build 36) by self-developed software SOAP (Short Oligonucleotide Alignment Program), and 3.07 million SNPs were identified.
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