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Face Of Fungi: FoF

Face Of Fungi: FoF
Resource classification: Data,Database
Tag (subject)  (1): Organism
Tag (data type)  (4): Taxonomy ,  Phenotype ,  Method ,  Image/Movie
Species (8): Ascomycota (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 4890) ,  Basidiomycota (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 5204) ,  Blastocladiomycota (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 451459) ,  Chytridiomycota (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 4761) ,  Fungi (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 4751) ,  Glomeromycota (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 214504) ,  Microsporidia (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 6029) ,  Neocallimastigomycota (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 451455)
The Face Of Fungi database allows deposition of taxonomic data, phenotypic details and other useful data. Its aim is to enhance current taxonomic understanding and ultimately enable mycologists to gain better and updated insights into the current fungal classification system. In addition, the database allows access to comprehensive metadata including descriptions of voucher and type specimens.
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