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Progenetix - genomic copy number aberrations in cancer: Progenetix

Progenetix - genomic copy number aberrations in cancer: Progenetix
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  • Michael Baudis Group, Institute of Molecular Life Sciences
Resource classification: Data,Database
Tag (subject)  (3): Genome/Gene ,  Genetic variation ,  Health/Disease
Tag (data type)  (2): Expression ,  Bibliography/Documents
Species (1): Homo sapiens (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 9606)
The Progenetix database provides an overview of copy number abnormalities in human cancer from Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH) experiments. With 30817 cases from 1016 publications (Oct 2013), Progenetix is the largest curated database for whole genome CGH profiles. The current dataset contains 20621 chromosomal CGH and 10302 profiles from genomic array experiments. This data covers 365 diagnostic entities according to the International Classification of Disease in Oncology (ICD-O 3).
Additionally, the website attempts to lists all publications referring to cancer genome profiling experiments.
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