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Coherent X-ray Imaging Data Bank: CXIDB

Coherent X-ray Imaging Data Bank: CXIDB
Owning Organization:
  • NERSC (National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center)
  • Uppsala University
Resource classification: Data,Database
Tag (data type)  (4): 3D structure ,  Image/Movie ,  Method ,  Repository
Species (1): All (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 1)
The Coherent X-ray Imaging Data Bank (CXIDB) offers scientists from all over the world a unique opportunity to access data from Coherent X-ray Imaging (CXI) experiments. It arose from the need to share the terabytes of data generated from X-ray free-electron laser experiments although it caters to all light sources. Accessibility is crucial not only to make efficient use of experimental facilities, but also to improve the reproducibility of results and enable new research based on previous experiments.
Source: FAIRsharing
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