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Autism Brain Imaging Data Exchange: ABIDE

Autism Brain Imaging Data Exchange: ABIDE
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Tag (subject)  (2): Health/Disease ,  Organism
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Species (1): Homo sapiens (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 9606)
Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are characterized by qualitative impairment in reciprocal social communication, as well as by repetitive, restricted, and stereotyped behaviors. Previously considered rare, ASD are now recognized to occur in more than 1% of children, causing immense suffering to individuals and their families. The complexity and heterogeneity of ASD make it necessary to obtain large-scale samples which are difficult to attain in any individual lab. In response, the Autism Brain Imaging Data Exchange (ABIDE) provides previously collected resting state functional magnetic resonance imaging (R-fMRI) datasets from 539 individuals with ASD and 573 typical controls for the purpose of data sharing in the broader scientific community. This grass-root initiative involved 16 international sites, sharing 20 samples yielding 1112 datasets composed of both MRI data and an extensive array of phenotypic information common across nearly all sites (see below). This unprecedented effort is expected to facilitate discovery science and comparisons across samples. In accordance with HIPAA guidelines and 1000 Functional Connectomes Project / INDI protocols, all datasets are anonymous, with no protected health information included.
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