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BCCM/IHEM Biomedical Fungi and Yeasts Collection: BCCM/IHEM

BCCM/IHEM Biomedical Fungi and Yeasts Collection: BCCM/IHEM
Owning Organization:
  • WIV-ISP (Section of Mycology and Aerobiology, Scientific Institute of Public Health)
Resource classification: Data,Database
Tag (subject)  (3): Health/Disease ,  Metabolite ,  Organism
Tag (data type)  (1): Bioresource
Species (3): Ascomycetes (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 4890) ,  Basidiomycetes (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 5204) ,  Fungi incertae sedis (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 112252)
BCCM/IHEM is a fungal culture collection specialising in medical and veterinary isolates. They have almost 15000 isolates available from all over the world: yeasts and filamentous fungi, pathogens and allergenic or toxic species, reference strains and teaching material. The BCCM/IHEM collection of biomedical fungi and yeasts makes strains publicly available for medical, pharmaceutical and biological research, as well as for method validation, testing or educational purposes.
Deposits of strains for public access are without costs for the depositor.
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