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LONI Image Data Archive: IDA

LONI Image Data Archive: IDA
Owning Organization:
  • INI (The USC Mark and Mary Stevens Neuroimaging and Informatics Institute, University of Southern California)
Resource classification: Data,Database
Tag (subject)  (2): Health/Disease ,  Cell/Organelle
Tag (data type)  (3): Image/Movie ,  Bibliography/Documents ,  Repository
Species (1): Homo sapiens (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 9606)
The LONI Image Data Archive (IDA) is a user-friendly environment for archiving, searching, sharing, tracking and disseminating neuroimaging and related clinical data. The IDA is utilized for dozens of neuroimaging research projects across North America and Europe and accommodates MRI, PET, MRA, DTI and other imaging modalities. The Image & Data Archive (IDA) provides tools and resources for de-identifying, integrating, searching, visualizing and sharing a diverse range of neuroscience data, helping facilitate collaborations between scientists worldwide.
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