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Takahashi Yuta

タカハシ ユウタ | Takahashi Yuta
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Nuclear engineering
Research keywords  (1): 放射性廃棄物
MISC (3):
  • 高橋, 裕太, 大江, 俊昭, 若杉, 圭一郎. 逐次放射性壊変式との類似性に着目した崩壊連鎖を含む放射性核種の多孔質媒体中移行定常解の簡易表現-Simple Steady-State Solutions of Radionuclide Migration of a Decay Chain through a Porous Medium by Focusing on the Similarities with the Sequential Radioactive Decay Formulas. 東海大学紀要. 工学部. 2017. 56. 2. 21-26
  • 大江俊昭, 大滝裕也, 高橋裕太, 助川篤彦. Studies of the setting of engineered barrier configuration utilized in geologic disposal (2) Carbon steel overpack thickness. 原子力バックエンド研究(CD-ROM). 2017. 24. 1
  • MERA Saori, TAKAHASHI Yuta, ONOZATO Arisa, SAKAI Akitaka, IIJIMA Takaaki, TANAKA Suguru, TONEGAWA Akira, MATSUMURA Yoshihito. Composite Divertor Materials for Fuel Recovery of Fusion Reactors. Program/Abstracts of ISSS (CD-ROM). 2014. 7th
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