J-GLOBAL ID:202104012233828117  Research Project code:13412061


Study period:2013 - 2013
Organization (1):
Research responsibility: ( , 免疫学フロンティア研究センター, 特任研究員(常勤) )
Research overview:
The oil base formulation of gold nanorods with and withoutantibacterial peptides were prepared and characterized. Following this, the formulations were applied to resistant antibiotic bacteria (S. aureus MRSA) with laser irradiation at a near infrar ed wavelength (NIR). The results show that the complex of gold nanorod-antibacterial peptide in an oil base formulation (GNR/ abp/O) could decrease the cell viability of bacteria to around 53.4%. The results from my investigation of penetration of GNRs in a form of GNR/abp/O through the mouse skin, imply that GNR/abp/O formulation applied with laser irradiation could have a potential to destroy bacteria on the skin surface and may also be effective in the deeper areas of the skin.
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Japan Science and Technology Agency

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