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コクブン ミツル | KOKUBUN Mitsuru
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Experimental psychology
MISC (32):
  • Ikeda, Y., Hirata, S., Maeda, W., Okuzumi, H., Kokubun, M., Ambe, H., Fujieda, Y., Suijo, K., Hayashi, J., & Iteya, M. Relationship between Stroop/reverse-Stroop interference and postural sway when standing in elderly people. Comprehensive Psychology. 2013. 2. 9. 1-7
  • Haishi, K. Okuzumi, H. & Kokubun, M. Effects of age, intelligence and exedutive control function on saccadic reaction time in personsn with intellectual disabilities. Research in Developmental Disabilities. 2011. 32,. 2644-2650
  • Ikeda, Y., Kamiyama, Y., Okuzumi, H., Hirata, S., & Kokubun M. 143 Ikeda, Y., Kamiyama, Y., Okuzumi, H., Hirata, S., & Kokubun M. Temporal and spatial parameters of stepping on place in children and adults. Perceptual and Motor Skills. 2011. 113. 1. 331-338
  • Ikeda, Y., Okuzumi, H., Kokubun M. & Haishi, K. Age-rerated trends of interference control in scholl-age children and young adults in the stroop color-word test. Psychological Reports. 2011. 108. 2. 577-584
  • Ikeda, Y., Hirata, S., Okuzumi, H., & Kokubun, M. Features of stroop and reverse-stroop interference analysis by response modality and evaluation. Perceptual and Motor Skills. 2010. 110. 2. 654-666
Books (3):
  • Developmental Neuropsychology of Children with Mental Retardation
  • Studies in balance behavior of persons with mental retardation
  • Psychology of Children with Handicaps
Lectures and oral presentations  (67):
  • 特別支援学校における余暇を意識した体育の授業実践
  • 知的障害者の運動行為の諸問題
  • 知的障害養護学校における「球技」の授業実践
  • 知的障害者の歩行調整の様相
  • 知的障害児・者の予測の諸側面
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