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Takaichi Shinichi

Takaichi Shinichi
Papers (42):
MISC (1):
Books (6):
  • Photosynthesis Research for Food, Fuel and Future
    Springer & Zhejiang University Press 2013
  • Natural Products: Phytochemistry, Botany and Metabolism of Alkaloids, Phenolics and Terpenes
    Springer, Berlin 2013
  • Handbook on Cyanobacteria: Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Applications
    Nova Science Publishers, New York 2009
  • The Purple Phototrophic Bacteria
    Springer, Dordrecht 2009
  • Photosynthesis. Energy from the Sun
    Springer, The Netherlands 2008
Lectures and oral presentations  (24):
  • Allochromatium tepidum, a New Thermophilic Purple Sulfur Bacterium
    (15th International Symposium on Phototrophic Prokaryotes (ISPP 15) 2015)
  • Opposite Chilarity of α-carotene in Unusual Cyanobacteria with Unique Chlorophylls, Acaryochloris and Prochlorococcus
    (15th International Symposium on Phototrophic Prokaryotes (ISPP 15) 2015)
  • Expression of phytoene synthase gene in Euglena gracilis and its responses to cold-light stress
    (12th International Meeting on Biosynthesis, Functions and Synthetic Biology of Isoprenoids (TERPNET2015) 2015)
  • A regulation of energy flow in purple bacterial photosynthetic antennas
    (19th International Conference on Ultrafast Phenomena 2014)
  • Analysis of three genes for bacterioruberin biosynthesis in extremely halophilic archaeon Haloarcula japonica
    (17th International Symposium on Carotenoids (ICS Utah 2014) 2014)
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