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Sakihama Yasuko

サキハマ ヤスコ | Sakihama Yasuko
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Lecturer
Homepage URL  (2): https://www.agr.hokudai.ac.jp/r/lab/molecular-and-ecological-chemistryhttps://www.agr.hokudai.ac.jp/en/r/lab/molecular-and-ecological-chemistry?from=us
Research field  (3): Conservation science (plants) ,  Conservation science (plants) ,  Plants: molecular biology and physiology
Research keywords  (2): Reactive oxygen species, Reactive nitrogen species, Plant pigments, Flavonoids, Betalains, Antioxidative activity, Protein nitration ,  Plant Physiology
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (3):
  • 2017 - 2018 A cell protecting function of a plant pigment betalains against reactive oxygen and/or reactive nitrogen species
  • 2008 - 2011 Investigation for functionalities of rhizo-biocomplex to minimize highly adverse conditions in association with organic sink in the rhizosphere and its utilization in agricultural use
  • 2002 - 2004 Studies on the Molecular Mechanism in Life-cycle Development and Signal Trnnsduction of Aphanomyces cochlioides, a Cause of Spinach Root Rot
Papers (38):
  • Tachrim, Zetryana Puteri, Nakagawa, Shiori, Nakamura, Tadashi, Ohashi, Fumina, Kurokawa, Natsumi, Wakasa, Haruna, Tokoro, Yurika, Sakihama, Yasuko, Hashidoko, Yasuyuki, Suzuki, Takeyuki, Hashimoto, Makoto. SYNTHESIS OF DEUTERATED CYCLODOPA WITH HYDROGEN/DEUTERIUM EXCHANGE. HETEROCYCLES. 2019. 99. 1. 404-414
  • Kurokawa, Natsumi, Tokoro, Yurika, Tachrim, Zetryana Puteri, Wakasa, Haruna, Sakihama, Yasuko, Hashidoko, Yasuyuki, Hashimoto, Makoto. Synthesis of chiral N-trifluoroacetyl-methionine derivatives and applying them as acyl donors for Friedel-Crafts acylation. ARKIVOC. 2019. 42-49
  • Tachrim, Zetryana Puteri, Oida, Kazuhiro, Ohashi, Fumina, Wakasa, Haruna, Ikemoto, Haruka, Kurokawa, Natsumi, Sakihama, Yasuko, Hashidoko, Yasuyuki, Suzuki, Takeyuki, Hashimoto, Makoto. TFA-PROTECTED alpha-AMINO ACID N-HYDROXYSUCCINIMIDE ESTER: APPLICATION FOR INTER- AND INTRAMOLECULAR ACYLATION. HETEROCYCLES. 2018. 97. 2. 877-893
  • Nakagawa Shiori, Tachrim Zetryana Puteri, Kurokawa Natsumi, Ohashi Fumina, Sakihama Yasuko, Suzuki Takeyuki, Hashidoko Yasuyuki, Hashimoto Makoto. pH Stability and antioxidant power of cycloDOPA and Its derivatives. Molecules. 2018. 23. 8. 1943
  • Wang, Lei, Tachrim, Zetryana Puteri, Kurokawa, Natsumi, Ohashi, Fumina, Wakasa, Haruna, Sakihama, Yasuko, Hashidoko, Yasuyuki, Suzuki, Takeyuki, Hashimoto, Makoto. Optimization of sucrose 1 '-position modification with 3-(trifluoromethyl)diazirinyl benzylbromide derivatives for photoaffinity labeling. ARKIVOC. 2018. 58-65
MISC (5):
  • H. Yamasaki, N.S. Watanabe, Y. Sakihama, M.F. Cohen. An overview of methods in plant NO research: Why do we always need to use multiple methods?. In: Methods in Molecular Biology: Plant Nitric Oxide: Methods & Protocol (K.J. Gupta ed.). 2015. 1424. 1-14
  • Hashidoko Yasuyuki, Sonoda Sumihiro, Sugita Hojun, Sakihama Yasuko. A205 Search for chemical factor that is contained in soybean crude refuse and enhances production of antifungal cyclic peptides by Bacillus amyloliquefaciens. 講演要旨集. 2011. 36
  • Sonoda Sumihiro, Sugita Hojun, Sakihama Yasuko, Hashidoko Yasuyuki. 2B12 Purification, isolation and structural analysis of the 2 groups of antifungal peptides produced by Bacillus amyloliquefaciens from root of Chinese cabbage. 講演要旨集. 2010. 35
  • Tanaka Manato, Sakihama Yasuko, Hashidoko Yasuyuki. 38. Search for signal substances that are associated with coralloid root formation as an event in cycad-cyanobacteria symbiosis. The Janapese Society for Chemical Regulation of Plants, Abstract. 2010. 45. 0
  • Maeda Makiko, Sakihama Yasuko, Fukushi Yukiharu, Hashidoko Yasuyuki. Study on antioxidant functions of betalain pigments isolated from red beet. Plant and Cell Physiology Supplement. 2009. 2009. 0. 884-884
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