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Ukai Tomofumi

ウカイ トモフミ | Ukai Tomofumi
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Associate Professor
Research field  (2): Thermal engineering ,  Computational science
Research keywords  (11): マイクロ流体デバイス ,  磁性ナノ粒子 ,  マイクロ・ナノデバイス ,  ナノ粒子 ,  マイクロ・ナノ ,  ソフトマター ,  MR流体 ,  複雑液体 ,  数値シミュレーション ,  Complex fluids ,  Numerical Simulation
Papers (25):
Lectures and oral presentations  (42):
  • Clusters Formed by Superparamagnetic Colloidal Particles in a Thin Magnetorheological Fluid Layer Induced by a DC Magnetic Field
    (Okinawa Colloids 2019)
  • Characterization of Biological Cell Viability by Electrophoretic Coulter Method
    (The 12th IEEE international Conference on Nano/Molecular Medicine and Engineering 2018)
  • Structures Formed via Self-assembly in a Superparamagnetic Colloidal Suspension Subjected to an External Magnetic Field
    (13th International conference on surfaces, coatings and nanostructured materials 2018)
  • Electrophoretic Coulter method for identification of normal cells or dead cells
    (5th European Conference on Microfluidics 2018 2018)
  • Detection and analysis of targeted biological cells by electrophoretic Coulter method
    (9th International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies 2017)
Education (2):
  • - 2000 Toyo University
  • - 2000 Toyo University Graduate School, Division of Engineering
Professional career (1):
  • Ph.D. (Toyo University)
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