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アイザワ シン | AIZAWA Shin
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Other affiliations (1):
Research field  (2): General anatomy (including histology/embryology) ,  Hematology
Research keywords  (5): Hematopoiesis ,  low level laser irradiation ,  chondrocyte ,  Bone marrow stromal cell ,  Hemopoietic stem cell
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (3):
  • 2018 - 2020 造血微小環境におけるストローマ細胞の構成様式と造血支持機能
  • 2015 - 2017 骨髄造血微小環境におけるストローマ細胞の構成様式と造血制御機能発現の検討
  • 2012 - 2015 三次元解析による骨髄ストローマ細胞の造血制御機構の検討
Papers (84):
  • Makita K., Hara H., Sano E., Okamoto Y, Ochiai Y., Harada T., Ueda T., Nakayama T., Aizawa S., Yoshino A. Interferon-β sensitizes human malignant melanoma cells to temozolomide-induced apoptosis and autophagy. Int J Oncol. 2019. 54. 1864-1874
  • Tomonori Harada, Yukio Hirabayashi, Yuriko Takayama-Isagawa, Hiroto Sakamoto, Makoto Kawaishi, Hiroyuki Hara, Shin Aizawa. Pulmonary injury from waterproofing spray during a hike. WILDERNESS & ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE. 2017. 28. 4. 327-331
  • Suruga M, Horaguchi T, Iriuchishima T, Yahagi Y, Iwama G, Tokuhashi Y, Aizawa S. Morphological size evaluation of the mid-substance insertion areas and the fan-like extension fibers in the femoral ACL footprint. Arch Orthop Trauma Surg. 2017. 137. 1107-1113
  • IriuchishimaT., Ryu R., Okano T., Suruga M., Aizawa S., Fu FH. The evaluation of muscle recovery after anatomical single bundle ACL reconstruction using a quadriceps autograft. Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. 2017. 25. 1449-1453
  • Iriuchishima T., Ryu K., Suruga M., Aizawa S., Fu FH. The correlation of femoral tunnel length with the height and area of the lateral wall of the femoral intercondylar notch in anatomical single-bundle ACL reconstruction. Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. 2017. 25. 1632-1637
MISC (16):
  • Tsuboi I., Harada T., Hirabayashi Y., Aizawa S. Senescence-accelerated mouse (SAMP1/TA-1) treated repeatedly with lipopolysaccharide develop a condition that resembles hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis. haematologica. 2019. 104. 10. 1995-2005
  • Suruga M., Horaguchi T., Iriuchishima T., Iwama G., Yahagi Y., Tokuhashi Y., Aizawa S. The correlation between the femoral anterior cruciate ligament footprint area and the morphology of the distal femur: three-dimensional CT evaluation in cadaveric knees. Eur J Orthop Surg Traumatol. 2019. 29. 849-854
  • Sagittal femoral condyle morphology correlates with femoral tunnel length in anatomical single bundle ACL reconstruction. Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. 2018. 26. 1110-1116
  • A murine model of atopic dermatitis can be generated by painting the dorsal skin with hapten twice 14 days apart. Scientific Reports. 2018. 8
  • Ohashi A, Mamada K, Harada T, Naito M, Takahashi T, Aizawa S, Hasegawa H. Organic anion transporters, OAT1 and OAT3, are crucial biopterin transporters involved in bodily distribution of tetrahydrobiopterin and exclusion of its excess. Mol Cell Biochem. 2017. 435. 97-108
Patents (2):
  • 造血幹細胞の培養方法
  • 脳機能障害予防・改善用の薬剤及び飲食物
Education (2):
  • - 1980 Nihon University Faculty of Medicine
  • - 1984 Nihon University Graduate School, Division of Medicine 内科学
Work history (1):
  • 2001/11/01 - Nihon University School of Medicine professor
Awards (1):
  • 1987 - The F. Trobough Hematology Young Investigator Award
Association Membership(s) (6):
日本移植学会 ,  International Society for Experimental Hematology ,  日本内科学会 ,  日本解剖学会 ,  日本臨床血液学会 ,  日本血液学会
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