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Heck Claire

ヘック クライレ | Heck Claire
Homepage URL  (1): http://www.aist.go.jp/RESEARCHERDB/cgi-bin/worker_detail.cgi?call=namae&rw_id=C78632939
Research field  (1): Nanostructure physics
Papers (31):
  • Heck Claire, Kamada Kenji, Murai Kensuke, Tanigaki Nobutaka, Jin Tetsuro. Stirring-assisted orientation of silver nanowires in sol-gel silica. MATERIALS LETTERS. 2019. 246. 52-55
  • Tanigaki Nobutaka, Heck Claire, Mizokuro Toshiko, Shibata Yousei, Miyadera Tetsuhiko, Koganezawa Tomoyuki. Oriented Thin Films of the Low-Band-Gap Polymer PTB7 by Friction Transfer Method. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals. 2015. 621. 1. 118-123
  • Toshiko Mizokuro, Claire Heck, Nobutaka Tanigaki. Orientation of Rod-Shape Molecule, 2,2 '-Bis[4-(Trifluoromethyl)Phenyl]-5,5 '-Bithiazole in Films Deposited in a Vacuum on Oriented alpha-Sexithiophene Films. MOLECULAR CRYSTALS AND LIQUID CRYSTALS. 2015. 621. 1. 156-161
  • Toshiko Mizokuro, Yukiyasu Okamoto, Claire Heck, Hiroyuki Aota, Nobutaka Tanigaki. Orientation Control of Regioregular-Poly(3-dodecylthiophene) Films Formed by the Friction-Transfer Method and the Performance of Organic Photovoltaic Devices Based on These Films. JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE. 2014. 131. 8
  • Claire Heck, Toshiko Mizokuro, Nobutaka Tanigaki. Polarized emission from ultra-thin alpha-sexithiophene layers on oriented beta-phase polyfluorene films. THIN SOLID FILMS. 2014. 554. 180-183
MISC (5):
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