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ANTHONY, Laurence

アントニ ローレンス | ANTHONY, Laurence
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Homepage URL  (2): http://www.laurenceanthony.net/http://www.laurenceanthony.net/
Research field  (2): Educational technology ,  Foreign language education
Research keywords  (4): Educational Technology ,  Corpus Linguistics ,  NLP ,  Applied Linguistics
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (12):
  • 2013 - 2017 The Development of a data-driven learning (DDL) open-platform based on multilingual corpora, and its applications to EFL classrooms
  • 2013 - Development and Application in Teaching of an Open Platform DDL Environment Based on a Parallel Corpus
  • 2011 - 2014 Development of an Intuitive Corpus Tool for Analysis of Large-Scale, Fully-Annotated Corpora
  • 2011 - 2013 Development of an Intuitive Corpus Tool for Analysis of Large-Scale, Fully-Annotated Corpora
  • 2009 - 2013 Towards better corpus applications in multilingual EFL classrooms using parallel corpora
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Papers (105):
  • Anthony, Laurence; Wulff, Stefanie; Boettger, Ryan K. Anthony, L. (1997). English for specific purposes: What does it mean? Why is it different? On-CUE, Vol. 5:3, pp. 9-10. IEEE International Professional Communication Conference. 2016. 2016-November
  • Caple, H., Bednarek, M., and Anthony, L. (2018). Using Kaleidographic to visualize multimodal relations within and across texts. Visual Communication. DOI: 1470357218789287
  • Anthony, L. (2017). Corpus Linguistics and Vocabulary: A Commentary on Four Studies. Vocabulary Learning and Instruction, 6 (2), 79-87. doi: 10.7820/vli.v06.2.Anthony
  • Anthony, L. , and Thompson, P. (2017, July 23-28). Automatic Creation and Discourse-Level Annotation of Individualized Discipline-Specific Corpora for the Data-Driven Learning (DDL) Classroom. Paper given at the Corpus Linguistics 2017 (CL 2017) internati
  • Anthony, L. , Chen, M., and Flowerdew, J. (2017, July 23-28). Introducing in-service English language teachers to corpus-assisted academic writing pedagogy: A Hong Kong case. Paper given at the Corpus Linguistics 2017 (CL 2017) international conference, U
MISC (71):
  • T. Kaneeda, T. Nakayama, S. Yokomizo, S. Shimada, M. Higuchi, K. Obata, L. Anthony. Reducing diamond tool wear in oxygen-free copper precision cutting using synthetic tool materials and a N2 atmosphere. Proceedings of the 9th euspen International Conference. 2009
  • L. Anthony. Improving the Q&A Experience: A Collaborative Effort. IEEE PCS Newsletter. 2008. 52. 11
  • L. Anthony. From Language Analysis to Language Simplication with AntConc and AntWordProfiler (Summary of JAECS 2008 workshop). JACET Newsletter. 2008. 63. 2
  • Chujo, K., Anthony, L., Nishigaki, C., and Uchibori, A. Discovering Grammar Basics with Parallel Concordancing in the EFL Classroom (in Japanese). Proceedings of the JACET 47th Annual Convention. 2008. 105-106
  • Kaneeda, T., Harada, H., Nishioka T., and Anthony, L. Delayed Crack Developing on Ductile Mode-Machined Glass Surface (in Japanese). Journal of the Japan Society for Abrasive Technology. 2008. 52. 8. 454-458
Books (19):
  • Anthony, L. (forthcoming). Programming for Corpus Linguistics, in M. Paquot & S. T. Gries (Eds.) Practical Handbook of Corpus Linguistics. Berlin: Germany. Springer.
  • Anthony, L. (2010). Presenting research in science and engineering (Second edition). Tokyo, Japan: DTP Publishing.
  • Noguchi, J., Miyama, A., & Okamoto, M. (with ALC-TT software written by Anthony, L.) (2007). Scientific Writing in English. Tokyo, Japan: ALC Press.
  • Anthony, L. (2008). Corpus wars: Struggling to find new ways to analyze and teach vocabulary. In G. R. S. Weir & T. Ozasa (Eds.), Studies in Language and Textbook Analysis, 2008 (pp. 1-10). Strathclyde, UK: University of Strathclyde Press.
  • Orr, T., Gupta, R., Yamazaki, A. & Anthony, L. (2008). Presenting in English to international audiences: A critical survey of published advice and actual practice. In G. Hayhoe & H. Grady (Eds.), Connecting people with technology: Issues in professional c
Lectures and oral presentations  (162):
  • Anthony, L. (2018, April 27-30). Innovation in Interdisciplinary ESP: Challenges and Possibilities. Keynote speech given at the 2018 International Conference on English Education (ICEE 2018), Shih Chien University, Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Anthony, L. (2013, August). Workshop on Corpus Tools and Techniques for Linguistics Research. Invited workshop presented at the University of Florida, Florida, US.
  • Anthony, L. (2014, May). New desktop and web-based parallel concordance tools for corpus linguists. Invited lecture at University Centre for Computer Corpus Research on Language (UCREL), Lancaster, UK.
  • Anthony, L. (2014, February). Moving from Localized to Globalized Norms in Technical Report Writing and Presentation [科学、工学分野における英語教育 ~企業エンジニアに必要な英語力~]. Invited lecture presented at Mitsubishi Electric, Kamakura, Japan.
  • Anthony, L. (2013, December). 理工系英語教育プログラムの効果的なデザイン: ローカルからグローバルへの変身 [Effective Design of Science and Engineering English Programs: Changing from Local to Global Norms]. Invited lecture presented at 2nd Seminar on Engineering English Education Reform, Ehi
Works (18):
  • AntConc: A freeware corpus analysis tool
  • SegmentAnt: A freeware Japanese and Chinese segmenter (segmentation/tokenizing tool)
  • CASEC-G/GTS: Commercial writing evaluation and support tools
  • EXEMPRAES: A web-based interface to the EXEMPRAES (Exemplary Empirical Research Articles in English and Spanish) Corpus
  • ENEJE: A web-based interface to the ENEJE (English Native Edited Japanese Essays) Parallel Corpus
Education (3):
  • - 1991 University of Manchester Institute of Science and Engineering (UMIST) Mathematics Mathematical Physics
  • - 1997 The University of Birmingham Centre for English Language Studies Teaching of English as a Second and/or Foreign Language (TESL/TEFL)
  • - 2002 The University of Birmingham Department of English Applied Linguistics
Professional career (3):
  • BSc (The University of Manchester)
  • M.A. (The University of Birmingham)
  • Ph. D. (The University of Birmingham (UK))
Work history (7):
  • 1986/07 - 1986/09 Magna Colours (UK) Laboratory Assistant (Part-time)
  • 1987/07 - 1987/09 Magna Colours (UK) Laboratory Assistant (Part-time)
  • 1991/09 - 1993/03 Keiyu English School (Japan) Head Teacher
  • 1993/04 - 1996/03 Okayama University of Science (Japan) Tenured Lecturer
  • 1996/04 - 2004/03 Dept. of Information and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Okayama University of Science (Japan) Tenured Lecturer
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Committee career (12):
  • 2007 - 2007 IEEE Professional Communication Society-Japan Chapter Vice-Chair
  • 2008 - 2009 IEEE Professional Communication Society-Japan Chapter Chair
  • 2010 - Taiwan International ESP Journal Editorial Board
  • 2011 - 2013 English for Specific Purposes Journal (Elsevier) Guest Editor
  • 2012 - Journal of English Education Editorial Board
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Awards (3):
  • 2018/05 - Waseda University 6th e-Teaching Award
  • 2012/09 - National Prize of the Japan Association of English Corpus Studies
  • 2005/10 - L'Oreal Art and Science of Color Gold Prize
Association Membership(s) (2):
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