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ノムラ ワタル | NOMURA Wataru
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Homepage URL  (2): https://www.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/pharm/research/lab/Genome_and_Biomolecular_Engineering_for_Drug_Discoveryhttps://www.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/en/pharm/research/lab/Genome_and_Biomolecular_Engineering_for_Drug_Discovery
Research field  (4): Biomolecular chemistry ,  Bio-related chemistry ,  Chemical biology ,  Biological pharmacy
Papers (100):
  • Toyama Kei, Nomura Wataru, Kobayakawa Takuya, Tamamura Hirokazu. Delivery of a Proapoptotic Peptide to EGFR-Positive Cancer Cells by a Cyclic Peptide Mimicking the Dimerization Arm Structure of EGFR. BIOCONJUGATE CHEMISTRY. 2018. 29. 6. 2050-2057
  • Takuya Kobayakawa, Yudai Matsuzaki, Kentaro Hozumi, Wataru Nomura, Motoyoshi Nomizu, Hirokazu Tamamura. Synthesis of a Chloroalkene Dipeptide Isostere-Containing Peptidomimetic and Its Biological Application. ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters. 2018. 9. 1. 6-10
  • Nomura Wataru. Creation of Functional Molecules Based on Biomolecular Interactions; Development toward Chemical Biology. YAKUGAKU ZASSHI-JOURNAL OF THE PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY OF JAPAN. 2017. 137. 10. 1223-1231
  • Nomura Wataru, Matsumoto Daisuke, Hashimoto Tsukasa, Sugii Taisuke, Tamamura Hirokazu. Development of chemical-inducible artificial transcription factors based on sequence-specific DNA binders. ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY. 2017. 254
  • Ohashi N, Kobayashi R, Nomura W, Kobayakawa T, Czikora A, Herold B K, Lewin N E, Blumberg P M, Tamamura H. Synthesis and Evaluation of Dimeric Derivatives of Diacylglycerol-Lactones as Protein Kinase C Ligands. Bioconjugate Chem. 2017
MISC (4):
  • Nomura W, Mizuguchi T & Tamamura H. Multimerized HIV-gp41-derived Peptides as Fusion Inhibitors and Vaccines. Biopolymers: Peptide Science. 2016. 106. 4. 622-628
  • Nomura W, Tamamura H. Specific Probes Recognizing Target Proteins. Kagakukogyo. 2014. 65. 11. 8-14
  • Ohashi N, Nomura W, Narumi T, Tamamura H. Peptide-Based Ligand Screening and Function Analysis of Protein Kinase C. Biopolymers (Pept. Sci.). 2013. 100. 6. 613-620
  • Hashimoto C, Tanaka T, Narumi T, Nomura W, Tamamura H. The successes and failures of HIV drug discovery. Expert Opin Drug Discov. 2011. 6. 10. 1067-1090
Books (17):
  • Design and Synthesis of Artificial Zinc Finger Proteins. Methods in Molecular Biology, 2007; 352; 83-93.
    Protein Engineering Protocols, Humana Press 2007
  • Identification of Sequential Motifs Relevant to Inhibitory Activity against HIV Integrase. Peptide Science 2007, 335-336.
    Saburo Amimoto and Shin Ono (Eds.), The Japanese peptide Society, Osaka 2008
  • Development of Peptide Tools for Fluorescence Imaging of Proteins in Living Cells. Peptide Science 2007, 95-96.
    Saburo Amimoto and Shin Ono (Eds.), The Japanese peptide Society, Osaka 2008
  • Site-selective cytosine methylation by a split DNA methylase. Peptide Science 2008, 491-492.
    Motoyoshi Nomizu (Eds.), The Japanese peptide Society, Osaka 2009
  • Fluorescent labeling for PKC delta C1b domain and its application to sensing biology. Peptide Science 2008, 61-66.
    Motoyoshi Nomizu (Eds.), The Japanese peptide Society, Osaka 2009
Lectures and oral presentations  (274):
  • 配列特異的DNA組換え酵素におけるDNA結合親和性が及ぼす組換え反応効率への影響
    (日本薬学会第129年会. 京都 2009)
  • HIV-1第二受容体CXCR4を基にした合成抗原分子の開発
    (第28回メディシナルケミストリーシンポジウム. 東京 2009)
  • ペプチドライブラリーを基にしたHIV-1インテグラーゼに対する阻害剤の創製
    (第28回メディシナルケミストリーシンポジウム. 東京 2009)
  • Study of PKC-dependent cellular signaling in a spatial- and temporal-specific manner by photoactivatable synthetic compounds
    (The American Society for Cell Biology 49th Annual Meeting. San Diego, USA 2009)
  • Design of zinc finger recombinase (RecZFP) for efficientsequence-specific g enome editing.
    (第32回日本分子生物学会年会. 横浜 2009)
Education (2):
  • - 2000 Kyoto University Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science
  • - 2005 Kyoto University Graduate School, Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Professional career (1):
  • Ph.D. (Kyoto University)
Work history (8):
  • 2007/08/01 - 2011/12/31 Tokyo Medical and Dental University Assistant Professor
  • 2012/01/01 - 2013/03/31 Tokyo Medical and Dental University Junior Associate Professor
  • 2013/04/01 - 2015/03/31 Tokyo Medical and Dental University Associate Professor
  • April 2005-July 2007 Research Associate, The Scripps Research Institute
  • August 2007-December 2011 Assistant Professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
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Association Membership(s) (1):
American Chemical Socisty
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