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Imamura Taro

イマムラ タロウ | Imamura Taro
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Principal Scientist
Homepage URL  (1): http://www.naro.affrc.go.jp/nfri-neo/index.html
Research field  (2): Entomology ,  Conservation science (plants)
Papers (96):
  • Taro IMAMURA, Noriyuki SUZUSHO, Satoshi FURUI, Yukio MAGARIYAMA, Yoshitsugu NASU. Martyringa ussuriella Lvovsky captured in grain storage facilities in the Kanto district. Urban Pest Management. 2023. 13. 2. 71-74
  • Taro Imamura, Noriyuki Suzusho, Satoshi Furui, Akihiro Miyanoshita. Monitoring and mass trapping of Sitophilus zeamais adults in low-tenperature grain storege warehouses. Urban PEst Managiment. 2022. 12. 2. 51-53
  • Satoshi Furui, Akihiro Miyanoshita, Taro Imamura. Real-time PCR-based identification methods for Megaselia scalaris (Loew) (Diptera: Phoridae) targeting mitochondrial DNA. Food Science and Technology Research. 2022. 28. 2. 119-122
  • Taro Imamura. Occurrence of Erthesina fullo at an apartment building in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Pref. Urban Pest Management. 2021. 11. 1. 25-29
  • Akihiro Miyanoshita, Taro Imamura, Satoshi Furui. Development of Indian meal moth on dried cacao bean, nib and mass. Urban Pest Management. 2021. 11. 1. 21-24
MISC (19):
Patents (11):
Books (3):
  • 最新の異物混入防止・有害生物対策技術
    テクノシステム 2019 ISBN:9784924728837
  • 食品技術総合事典
    朝倉書店 2008 ISBN:4254430981
  • 生活害虫の事典
    朝倉書店 2003 ISBN:4254640315
Lectures and oral presentations  (43):
  • リアルタイムPCRによるアカマダラカツオブシムシ検知法の開発
  • Monitoring of maize weevil adults, Sitophilus zeamais, in a rice-milling factory
  • Pheromone trap catches of Sitophilus zeamais adults in grain storage warehouses
  • 7.乾燥ペットフードによるノシメマダラメイガ幼虫の発育(一般講演(1),都市有害生物管理学会第35回大会講演要旨)
    (都市有害生物管理 2014)
  • 5.マンション周辺におけるノシメマダラメイガの個体数と分布(一般講演(1),日本家屋害虫学会第34回年次大会講演要旨)
    (都市有害生物管理 2013)
Professional career (1):
  • Doctor (Graduate School of Horticulture, Chiba University)
Awards (4):
  • 2024/03 - 学会賞
  • 2013/11 - The Japanese Society of Pestology Young Researcher's Award Effect of water on the overwintering of Tribolium castaneum
  • 2010/07 - Japan Radioisotope Association RADIOISOTOPES Research Promotion Award for Young Scientists ESR Signals of Irradiated Insects
  • 2006/03 - The Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Agrochemistry The Excellent Paper Award Published in Bioscience, Biotechnology, & Biochemistry Avidin Expressed in Transgenic Rice Confers Resistance to the Stored-Product Insect Pests Tribolium confusum and Sitotroga cerealella
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