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Jiang Hongyu

Jiang Hongyu
Research keywords  (4): Hydrogen Fermentation ,  Methane Fermentation ,  wastewater and sludge treatment ,  Biomass Utilization
Papers (12):
Lectures and oral presentations  (16):
  • 水素・メタン二段循環式発酵によるキャッサバ残渣の処理とハイタン生成の効率化
    (第54回環境工学研究フォーラム 2017)
  • Methanogenic Caffeine Degradation in Co-digestion of Coffee Processing Wastewater and Activated Sludge by Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor
    (The 15th IWA World Conference on Anaerobic Digestion (AD-15) 2017)
  • 高温嫌気性膜分離法を用いた缶コーヒー生産廃水のメタン発酵
    (第9回廃棄物資源循環学会東北支部&第4回日本水環境学会東北支部合同研究発表会 2017)
  • Hythane production from cassava residue by hydrogen and methane fermentation
    (The 4th International Symposium on Water Environment Systems 2016)
  • The optimisation of nutrient supplement for the sulphur-depleted methanogenesis: the dosage and the forms
    (The 1st International Conference Bioresource Technology for Bioenergy, Bioproducts and Environmental Sustainability 2016)
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