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Yamada Shintaro

ヤマダ シンタロウ | Yamada Shintaro
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (8): Metabolism and endocrinology ,  Cell biology ,  Laboratory animal science ,  Tumor biology ,  Molecular biology ,  Genetics ,  Genomics ,  Radiology
Research keywords  (11): human cell culture ,  mouse ,  fission yeast ,  breast cancer ,  estrogen ,  DNA topoisomerase ,  DNA repair ,  DNA double strand break ,  repetitive DNA ,  homologous recombination ,  減数分裂
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (9):
  • 2021 - 2024 Identification of genomic elements that promote hormone-responsive transient expression of oncogenes
  • 2020 - 2023 発癌関連転写制御領域(エンハンサー)の網羅的同定の為の国際共同研究
  • 2022 - 2023 Rescuing cellular alterations in aged pancreatic beta cells to restore insulin-secretion function
  • 2019 - 2021 Understanding mechanisms in removal of aberrant adducts from ends of genomic DNA breaks caused by radiation and other factors
  • 2020 - 2021 Validation of a multiomics approach for early-stage biomarker discovery in breast cancer
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Papers (21):
  • Rifat Ara Najnin, Md Rasel Al Mahmud, Md Maminur Rahman, Shunichi Takeda, Hiroyuki Sasanuma, Hisashi Tanaka, Yasuhiro Murakawa, Naoto Shimizu, Salma Akter, Masatoshi Takagi, et al. ATM suppresses c-Myc overexpression in the mammary epithelium in response to estrogen. Cell Reports. 2023. 42. 1. 111909-111909
  • Salma Akter, Akihiro Shimba, Koichi Ikuta, Rasel Al Mahmud, Shintaro Yamada, Hiroyuki Sasanuma, Masataka Tsuda, Masakatsu Sone, Yukio Ago, Kenichi Murai, et al. Physiological concentrations of glucocorticoids induce pathological DNA double-strand breaks. Genes to Cells. 2022
  • Kaku Maekawa, Shintaro Yamada, Rahul Sharma, Jayanta Chaudhuri, Scott Keeney. Triple-helix potential of the mouse genome. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2022. 119. 19. e2203967119
  • Kouji Hirota, Masato Ooka, Naoto Shimizu, Kousei Yamada, Masataka Tsuda, Mahmoud Abdelghany Ibrahim, Shintaro Yamada, Hiroyuki Sasanuma, Mitsuko Masutani, Shunichi Takeda. XRCC1 counteracts poly(ADP ribose)polymerase (PARP) poisons, olaparib and talazoparib, and a clinical alkylating agent, temozolomide, by promoting the removal of trapped PARP1 from broken DNA. Genes to cells : devoted to molecular & cellular mechanisms. 2022
  • Hiroyuki Sasanuma, Shintaro Yamada, Masataka Tsuda, Shunichi Takeda. Restoration of ligatable "clean" double-strand break ends is the rate-limiting step in the rejoining of ionizing-radiation-induced DNA breakage. DNA repair. 2020. 93. 102913-102913
MISC (5):
Lectures and oral presentations  (7):
  • ゲノムが潜在的に取り得る三重らせん構造の特徴の理解
    (東京都医学総合研究所 2023)
  • A functional link between DNA double-strand break repair and the early transcriptional response to the sex hormone
    (Social DNAing 2023)
  • A functional link between DNA double-strand break repair and the early transcriptional response to the sex hormone.
  • DNA損傷修復応答の破綻による臓器特異的発がん機構
    (第45回日本分子生物学会年会 日本生物物理学会 共催 2022)
  • Genome-wide identification of androgen-responsive enhancers and analysis of TOP2 function in enhancers
    (TOPO 2021 2021)
Awards (10):
  • 2022/10 - 世界視力を備えた次世代トップ研究者育成プログラム(L-INSIGHT) フェロー
  • 2022/07 - Interstellar Initiative Beyond Program(日本医療研究開発機構とニューヨーク科学アカデミーの共同事業) 若手研究者
  • 2022/03 - Interstellar Initiative Alumni Program (AMED and New York Academy of Sciences) Outstanding Team Presentation
  • 2020/10 - Interstellar Initiative Program(日本医療研究開発機構とニューヨーク科学アカデミーの共同事業) 若手研究者
  • 2017/08 - FASEB遺伝子組換え・ゲノム再編成学会 トラベルアワード
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