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Kojima Hirotaka

コジマ ヒロタカ | Kojima Hirotaka
Affiliation and department:
Other affiliations (1):
Research field  (5): Electronic devices and equipment ,  Semiconductors, optical and atomic physics ,  Basic physical chemistry ,  Organic functional materials ,  Functional solid-state chemistry
Papers (19):
  • Tomas Kamencek, Sandro Wieser, Hirotaka Kojima, Natalia Bedoya-Martínez, Johannes P. Dürholt, Rochus Schmid, Egbert Zojer. Evaluating Computational Shortcuts in Supercell-Based Phonon Calculations of Molecular Crystals: The Instructive Case of Naphthalene. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation. 2020
  • Masayuki Suda, Yuranan Thathong, Vinich Promarak, Hirotaka Kojima, Masakazu Nakamura, Takafumi Shiraogawa, Masahiro Ehara, Hiroshi M. Yamamoto. Light-driven molecular switch for reconfigurable spin filters. Nature Communications. 2019
  • Min-Cherl Jung, Takeshi Horie, Hirotaka Kojima, Hiroaki Benten, Masakazu Nakamura. An origin of the irreproducibility of hole injection barrier from Au top-contact electrodes and its influence on device performance in top-contact organic field-effect transistors. Organic Electronics. 2019
  • Min-Cherl Jung, Sora Kobori, Asuka Matsuyama, Inhee Maeng, Young Mi Lee, Hirotaka Kojima, Hiroaki Benten, Masakazu Nakamura. Formation of CH3NH2-incorporated intermediate state in CH3NH3PbI3 hybrid perovskite thin film formed by sequential vacuum evaporation. Applied Physics Express. 2019
  • Hirotaka Kojima, Mario Nakagawa, Ryo Abe, Fumiya Fujiwara, Yumi Yakiyama, Hidehiro Sakurai, Masakazu Nakamura. Thermoelectric and Thermal Transport Properties in Sumanene Crystals. Chemistry Letters. 2018
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