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Research field  (1): Functional biochemistry
Papers (3):
  • Aiko Itoh, Yasuhiro Nonaka, Shin-Ichi Nakakita, Hiromi Yoshida, Nozomu Nishi, Takanori Nakamura, Shigehiro Kamitori. Structures of human galectin-10/monosaccharide complexes demonstrate potential of monosaccharides as effectors in forming Charcot-Leyden crystals. Biochemical and biophysical research communications. 2020
  • Shin-ichi Nakakita, Aiko Itoh, Yukari Nakakita, Yasuhiro Nonaka, Takashi Ogawa, Takanori Nakamura, Nozomu Nishi. Cooperative Interactions of Oligosaccharide and Peptide Moieties of a Glycopeptide Derived from IgE with Galectin-9. JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY. 2016. 291. 2. 968-979
  • Yoshida, Hiromi, Yamashita, Satoshi, Teraoka, Misa, Itoh, Aiko, Nakakita, Shin-ichi, Nishi, Nozomu, Kamitori, Shigehiro. X-ray structure of a protease-resistant mutant form of human galectin-8 with two carbohydrate recognition domains. FEBS J. 2012. 279. 20. 3937-3951
MISC (3):
  • Aiko Itoh, Youko Fukata, Hiroshi Miyanaka, Yasuhiro Nonaka, Takashi Ogawa, Takanori Nakamura, Nozomu Nishi. Optimization of the inter-domain structure of galectin-9 for recombinant production. 2013. 23. 920-925
  • NISHI, Nozomu, ABE, Akemi, IWAKI, Jun, YOSHIDA, Hiromi, ITOH, Aiko, SHOJI, Hiroki, KAMITORI, Shigehiro, HIRABAYASHI, Jun, NAKAMURA, Takanori. Functional and structural bases of a cysteine-less mutant as a long-lasting substitute for galectin-1. Glycobiology. 2008. 18. 12. 1065-1073
  • NASHI Nozomu, ITOH Aiko, FUJIYAMA Aimi, YOSHIDA Naoko, ARAYA Shin-ICHI, HIRASHIMA Mitsuomi, SHOJI Hiroki, NAKAMURA Takanori. Development of highly stable galectins: Truncation of the linker peptide confers protease-resistance on tandem-repeat type galectins. FEBS Lett. 2005. 579. 10. 2058-2064
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