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Ogawa Hideto

オガワ ヒデト | Ogawa Hideto
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Software
Research keywords  (5): Machine Learning Systems Engineering ,  Software Product Lines ,  Formal Method ,  Software Testing ,  Software Engineering
Papers (12):
MISC (2):
  • Naoto Sato, Hironobu Kuruma, Yuichiroh Nakagawa, Hideto Ogawa. Formal Verification of Decision-Tree Ensemble Model and Detection of its Violating-input-value Ranges. CoRR. 2019. abs/1904.11753
  • Naoto Sato, Hironobu Kuruma, Masanori Kaneko, Yuichiroh Nakagawa, Hideto Ogawa, Thai Son Hoang, Michael J. Butler. DeepSaucer: Unified Environment for Verifying Deep Neural Networks. CoRR. 2018. abs/1811.03752
Patents (9):
Lectures and oral presentations  (41):
  • Unsupposable Test-data Generation for Machine-learned Software
    (Software Engineering Symposium 2020 2020)
  • Guidelines for Quality Assurance of Machine Learning-based Artificial Intelligence
    (The32nd International Conference on Software Engineering & Knowledge Engineering 2020)
  • DeepSaucer: Verification Environment for Deep Neural Networks
    (ウィンターワークショップ2019・イン・福島飯坂 論文集 2019)
  • Simplified Influence Evaluation of Additional Training on Deep Neural Networks
    (1st International Workshop on Machine Learning Systems Engineering 2018)
  • Policing functions for machine learning systems
    (Workshop on Verification and Validation of Autonomous Systems: Satellite Workshop of Floc 2018At: Oxford, United Kingdom 2018)
Professional career (1):
  • 博士(情報科学) (北陸先端科学技術大学院大学)
Committee career (3):
  • 2019/04 - 現在 情報処理学会ソフトウェア工学研究会産学連携促進WG 幹事
  • 2019/04 - 現在 情報処理学会ソフトウェア工学研究会 幹事
  • 2018/04 - 現在 AI品質AIプロダクト品質保証コンソーシアム 運営副委員長
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