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Yuki Morinaga

Yuki Morinaga
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Papers (34):
  • Seiki Takatsuki, Yuki Morinaga. Food havits of horses, cattle, and sheep-goats and food supply in the forest-steppe zone of Mongolia: A case study in Mogod sum (county) in Bulgan aimag (province). Journal of Arid Environment. 2019
  • Airag, the fermented mare milk in Mongolia. Science Journal KAGAKU. 2019. 89. 9. 817-823
  • 馬乳酒からみえる遊牧地域の人と自然. 科学. 2019. 89. 4. 304-306
  • Tserenpurev Bat-Oyun, Takehiko Y Ito, Yadamjav Purevdorj, Masato Shinoda, Satomi Ishii, Hoshino Buho, Yuki Morinaga. Movements of dams milked for fermented horse milk production in Mongolia. Animal Science Journal. 2018. 89. 1. 219-226
  • Effects of grazing on grassland communities of the forest-steppe of northern Mongolia: A comparison of grazed versus ungrazed places. Grassland Science. 2018. 1-8
Books (8):
  • ビジネス研究の最前線
    同文舘 2012 ISBN:9784495644918
  • 社会に飛び出す学生たち 地域・産学連携の文系モデル
    同文舘出版 2011 ISBN:9784495644017
  • Northeast Asia
    2009 ISBN:9784254167924
  • モンゴル東部地域の気候
    (第一章『モンゴル遊牧社会と馬文化』長沢孝司・尾崎孝宏編著)日本経済評論社 2008
  • 環境問題への自主取り組み・情報公開と企業倫理
    企業倫理研究グループ 代表 中村瑞穂『日本の企業倫理』第7章 2007
Lectures and oral presentations  (14):
  • The examination of Mongolian herders' zoo-meteorological knowledge for disaster mitigation
    (Royal Geographical Society-IBG Annual International Conference,London 2013)
  • ゲルの季節移動に関するモンゴルの遊牧知の検証
    (日本地理学会秋季学術大会シンポジウム ゾドと遊牧知-乾燥地災害学の体系化に向けて- 2012)
  • Traditional knowledge of seasonal camp selection in Mongolia.
    (The Eighth International Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development in Mongolian Plateau and Surrounding Regions, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 2012)
  • Examining the traditional knowledge of Mongolian herders: Zoo-meteorological approaches
    (The Second Oxford Interdisciplinary Desert Conference: Progress and Integration in Desert Research, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK 2012)
  • Meteorological observation related to stock farming in Mongolia.
    (Sustainability Weeks 2010 Opening Symposium “Toward a Society Offering Quality of Life and Human Dignity for All ”, Sapporo, 25-26 October 2010. 2010)
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