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Tanaka Yoshihito

タナカ ヨシヒト | Tanaka Yoshihito
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Research field  (2): Basic mathematics ,  Information theory
Research keywords  (2): mathematical logic ,  Non-classical logic
Papers (11):
  • Yoshihito Tanaka. Duality for kappa-additive complete atomic modal algebras. Algebra Universalis. 2021. 82. 2
  • Stanislav Kikot, Agi Kurucz, Yoshihito Tanaka, Frank Wolter, Michael Zakharyaschev. Kripke completeness of strictly positive modal logics over meet-semilattices with operators. The Journal of symbolic logic. 2019. 84. 2. 533-588
  • Yoshihito Tanaka. A cut-free proof system for a predicate extension of the logic of provability. Reports on Mathematical Logic. 2018. 53. 97-109
  • Yoshihito Tanaka. An infinitary extension of Jankov's theorem. Studia Logica. 2007. 86. 1. 111-131
  • Yoshihito Tanaka. 共通認識論理の証明系. 京都大学数理解析研究所講究録. 2003. 1301. 13-23
Education (2):
  • The University of Tokyo Department of Mathematics
  • Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Professional career (1):
  • Ph D.(Information Science) (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
Association Membership(s) (2):
Information Processing Society of Japan ,  The Mathematical Society of Japan
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