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OHARA Shigenobu

オハラ シゲノブ | OHARA Shigenobu
Research field  (1): Business administration
Research keywords  (1): Management
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (3):
  • Cross Boarder Technology Transfer at Corporate Level (APO)
  • Project Management Science and Application
  • Technology Fusion and Community Evolution
MISC (73):
  • Evolution of Changing Cost Strategy Patterns in Japanese Enterprises. NES-ISPA Joint Conference(Washingtor D. C. )Proceedings. 1989
  • A New Forecasting Methodology for Contingent Situations. ISPA(San Diego)Proceedings. 1990
  • Survey on Technology, Development, Assimilation Stratehgy at Corporate Level-Guidelines-. Asian Productivity Organization New Delhi. 1990
  • A Case Study of Technology Transfer on Suspension Preheating System in Cement Industry. Asian Productivity Organization Thailand Bangkok. 1991
  • CIM Strategy and Its Expectations. Process System Engineering Montebello Canada. 1991
Books (14):
  • A Guidebook of Project & Program Management for Enterprise Innovation Interim Translation
    Engineering Advancement Association of Japan
  • Strategy A
    John Wiley & Sons, Inc 1989
  • -The Case Study of Unique Management Information System designed and operated by Showa Denko Company-
    Management System Initiated by Information Network 1994
  • Production Management
    Dictionary of Management and Accounting 1995
  • Structuring and Simulation of International Business in terms of Logistics and Business Mode by Analytic Hierachy Process Algorithm
Works (16):
  • Strategic Aspect of Environmental Management Proceedings of Tsukuba University and University of Washington Symposium on Management Issues and Challenges (TWAIN94) Page27-40
    1994 -
  • 「Technology Development Adaptation and Assimilation Strategies at Corporate Level -Survey Report-」
    1994 -
  • The Environmental Management and Reframe Engineering
    1995 -
  • Corporat Management Profile in terms of Perspective of Advanced Information Society
    1995 -
  • The Unstable Structure of Technology Transfer System and Finding the Strategic Role of Stabilizers Journal of Economics and Management Vol39 No. 2
    1995 -
Education (1):
  • - 1938 Keio University Faculty of Economics
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