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Sakurai Toshihiko

サクライ トシヒコ | Sakurai Toshihiko
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Assistant Professor
Homepage URL  (1): http://www.bio.tottori-u.ac.jp/~sakurai/
Research field  (6): Polymer materials ,  Chemical biology ,  Polymer chemistry ,  Biochemistry ,  Biomaterials ,  Biomedical engineering
Research keywords  (4): nanodevice ,  self-organization ,  nanoscience ,  peptide
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (3):
  • 2003 - 2015 Development of molecular motor from proteaze-peptide supramolecular structure
  • 2000 - 2010 Amyloid formetion analysis and development of seq-model peptide.
  • 2002 - 2008 Molecular recognition using immobilized peptide molecules.
Papers (68):
MISC (8):
  • T. Sakurai. Regulation of peptide assembly. Seibutsu Kogaku Kaishi. 2006. 84. 10. 401-403
  • G. V. Popova, D. A. Alekperov, T. Sakurai, H. Ihara, V. V. Kiree. Synthesis of functional poly(amino acids) on cyclophosphazene templates. Polymer Science - Series B. 2006. 48. 198-202
  • Hirotaka Ihara, Taisuke Yamada, Masamichi Nishihara, Toshihiko Sakurai, Makoto Takafuji, Hiroshi Hachisako, Takashi Sagawa. Reversible gelation in organic solution of pyrene substituted by dialkyl L-glutamine: Photophysics of the self-assembled fibrillar network. Journal of Molecular Liquids. 2004. 111. pp.73-76.
  • Taisuke Yamada, Makoto Takafuji, Toshihiko Sakurai, Takashi Sagawa, Hiroshi Hachisako, Hirotaka Ihara. Detection of Enantioselectivity by Chiral Nano-fibrils from Photo-Functinalized Lipophilic L-Glutamide Delivative in Organic Solution. '03 Pusan-Kyeongnam/Kyushu-Seibu Joint Symposium On High Polymers (11th) and Fibers (9th),Pusan,Korea. 2003
  • Makoto Takafuji, Arata Ishiordori, Taisuke Yamada, Toshihiko Sakurai, Takashi Sagawa, Hiroshi Hachisako, Hirotaka Ihara. Stabilization of Chirally-Oriented Structures of Self-Assembled Organogels by Photo-Induced Polymerization. 8th Pacific Polymer Conference (PPC-8),Bangkok,Thailand. 2003
Patents (5):
  • Fish-derived fibrous collagen gel and manufacture thereof.
  • Preparation of therapeutic antisense polynucleotide conjugates that can be applied to the genetic diseases caused by single nucleotide mutations
  • Cellulose derivative particles, their manufacture, and cosmetics using them
  • Manufacture of porous members containing siloxane xerogel with controlled pore size, and their uses.
  • Surface-decorated fine metal particles for paste.
Books (3):
  • 再生医療・創薬のための3次元細胞培養技術 Novel Technology for Three Dimensional Culture of Stem Cells toward Regenerative Medicine and Drug Screening
    2018 ISBN:9784781313306
  • Encyclopedia of Chromatography, Second Edition
    2005 ISBN:0824727878
  • Self-Assembled Nanofibers
    Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 2004
Lectures and oral presentations  (8):
  • Antisense PNA-PEG conjugate targeting a single nucleotide mutation in K-ras induces cell apoptosis in pancreatic cancer cells
    (The 4th IROAST International Symposium 2019)
  • Development of gene therapeutics targeting point mutated KRAS gene.
    (The 12th SPSJ International Polymer Conference (IPC2018) 2018)
  • Delivery of antisence PNA-PEG conjugate modified with cell-penetrating signal and reguration of gene expression in cell
    (The 43rd International Symposium on Nucleic Acid Chemistry 2016 (ISNAC2016) 2016)
  • Intracellular gene expression control by PNA-PEG conjugate induced SNPs recognition.
    (65th Symposium on Macromolecules 2016)
  • Functional evaluation of the inchworm-type PNA-PEG conjugate for a regulation of gene expression in a cell.
    (65th SPSJ Annual Meeting 2016)
Work history (5):
  • 2018/04 - 現在 Tottori University
  • 2008/04 - 2010/03 Tottori University
  • 2007/04 - 2008/03 Tottori University
  • 2005/04 - 2007/03 Tottori University
  • 2000/04 - 2005/03 Kumamoto University
Awards (1):
  • 1999/12 - The materials research society of japan award Molecular Recognition by Polypeptide monolayer self-assembled on Gold surface
Association Membership(s) (4):
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