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Hattori Yoshinori

ハットリ ヨシノリ | Hattori Yoshinori
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Other affiliations (1):
  • Tohoku University  口腔機能回復科長, 高齢者歯科治療部長, 研究科長特別補佐, 病院長特別補佐(診療・教育担当)
Homepage URL  (2): http://db.tohoku.ac.jp/whois/detail/075264d462524b3ae73b673c8ef3b9b7.htmlhttp://db.tohoku.ac.jp/whois/e_detail/075264d462524b3ae73b673c8ef3b9b7.html
Research field  (1): Prosthodontics
Papers (79):
  • Takamasa Komiyama, Takashi Ohi, Yoshitada Miyoshi, Yasutake Tomata, Shu Zhang, Ichiro Tsuji, Makoto Watanabe, Yoshinori Hattori. Verification of the criteria for reduced occlusal force to diagnose oral hypofunction in older Japanese people: A prospective cohort study on incident functional disability. Journal of Oral Rehabilitation. 2020
  • Takamasa Komiyama, Takashi Ohi, Takako Hiratsuka, Yoshitada Miyoshi, Yasutake Tomata, Shu Zhang, Ichiro Tsuji, Makoto Watanabe, Yoshinori Hattori. Cognitive impairment and depressive symptoms lead to biases in self-evaluated masticatory performance among community-dwelling older Japanese adults: the Tsurugaya Project. Journal of dentistry. 2020. 103403-103403
  • Takashi Ohi, Takamasa Komiyama, Yoshitada Miyoshi, Takahisa Murakami, Akito Tsuboi, Yasutake Tomata, Ichiro Tsuji, Makoto Watanabe, Yoshinori Hattori. The association between bilateral maximum occlusal force and all-cause mortality among community-dwelling older adults: The Tsurugaya project. Journal of prosthodontic research. 2019
  • Hiratsuka T, Komiyama T, Ohi T, Tanji F, Tomata Y, Tsuji I, Watanabe M, Hattori Y. Contribution of systemic inflammation and nutritional status to the relationship between tooth loss and mortality in a community-dwelling older Japanese population: a mediation analysis of data from the Tsurugaya project. Clinical oral investigations. 2019
  • Komiyama T, Ohi T, Tomata Y, Tanji F, Tsuji I, Watanabe M, Hattori Y. Dental status is Associated with Incident Functional Disability in Community-Dwelling Older Japanese: A Prospective Cohort Study Using Propensity Score Matching. Journal of epidemiology. 2019
MISC (392):
Books (23):
  • 実践!クリティカル・シンキングのすすめ
    クインテッセンス 2009 ISBN:478120094X
  • 口腔と全身疾患、歯科医療は医学を補完する
    クインテッセンス 2009
  • 顎運動および筋電図検査法
    日本顎口腔機能学会 2008
  • 口腔内科学
    飛鳥出版室 2008
  • よくわかる顎口腔機能
    医歯薬出版 2005
Lectures and oral presentations  (15):
  • In vivo measurement of dental arch deformation during forceful teeth clenching. A pilot study.
    (Asian Academy of Prosthodontics 2009)
  • A scale for the evaluation of complete denture occlusion included in a Laboratory Course on Complete Denture Prosthodontics
    (Asian Academy of Prosthodontics 2009)
  • An indirect evidence of jaw muscle synergy in human chewing
    (IADR 2009)
  • Narrative Clinical Hypothesis on the Treatment and Etiology of Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD)
    (第13回Japan Academy of Orofacial Pain学術集会シンポジウム 2009)
  • 新しいクラウンの評価基準について
    (日本補綴歯科学会関西支部学術大会 2009)
Education (2):
  • - 1991 Tohoku University Graduate School, Division of Dental Research
  • - 1987 Tohoku University Faculty of Dentistry
Professional career (1):
  • 歯学博士 (Tohoku University)
Work history (5):
  • 2014/04 - 現在 東北大学 教授
  • 2007/04 - 2014/03 東北大学 准教授
  • 2005/04 - 2007/03 東北大学 助教授
  • 2003/06 - 2005/03 東北大学 講師
  • 1991/04 - 2003/05 東北大学 助手
Committee career (3):
  • 2005/07 - 現在 日本補綴歯科学会 評議員
  • 2005/07 - 現在 The Japan Academy of Orofacial Pain 理事
  • 2008/04 - 2010/03 日本顎口腔機能学会 理事
Awards (3):
  • 2009/04/26 - Asian Academy of Prosthodontics Best Poster Presentation Award (#17)
  • 2009/04/26 - Asian Academy of Prosthodontics Best Poster Presentation Award (#1)
  • 2008/09/06 - The International Symposium on Oral Sciences to Improve the Quality of Life The Poster Award
Association Membership(s) (7):
日本老年歯科医学会(2014/06- ガイドライン委員会副委員長, 宮城県支部長) ,  日本補綴歯科学会(2014/04- 代議員, 東北・北海道支部理事) ,  日本補綴歯科学会(2013/04- 編集委員) ,  日本顎口腔機能学会(2012/04- 常任理事) ,  日本補綴歯科学会(2011/04-2013/03 学術委員) ,  日本補綴歯科学会(2007/04-2009/03 研究企画推進委員会副委員長) ,  The Japan Academy of Orofacial Pain(2005/07- 理事)
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