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オヤマ ダイスケ | DAISUKE OYAMA
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (3): Electronic devices and equipment ,  Biomaterials ,  Biomedical engineering
Research keywords  (4): Magnetic sensors ,  SQUIDs ,  Magnetic resonance imaging ,  Magnetoencephalogram
Papers (17):
  • ADACHI YOSHIAKI, OYAMA DAISUKE, Yasushi Terazono, Tatsuya Hayashi, Tomohiko Shibuya, Shigenori Kawabata. Calibration of room temperature magnetic sensor array for biomagnetic measurement. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics. 2019
  • MAKIBATAKE RYOTA, OYAMA DAISUKE, KAWAI JUN, TATSUMI HITOSHI. Remote Sensing of Ciliary Beating Using a SQUID Gradiometer. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics. 2019. 55. 3. 5200105
  • OYAMA DAISUKE, ADACHI YOSHIAKI, UEHARA GEN. Dry Phantoms With Deep Signal Sources for Magnetoencephalography. IEEE Magnetics Letters. 2019. 10. 3106805
  • ADACHI YOSHIAKI, OYAMA DAISUKE, UEHARA GEN. Single Triangular Coil Used to Identify the Position and Orientation of a Subject for Biomagnetic Measurements. IEEE Magnetics Letters. 2019. 10. 3106505
  • OYAMA DAISUKE, HIRAMA JUNJI, HATTA JUNICHI, UEHARA GEN. Development of an MRI Measurement and Control System Aimed at Supporting MRI Measruement Learning Techniques. 2019. 27
MISC (3):
  • ADACHI YOSHIAKI, KAWABATA SHIGENORI, SASANO TETSURO, OYAMA DAISUKE, UEHARA GEN, SEKIHARA KENSUKE. Biomagnetic Measurement System for Supine Subjects with Expanded Sensor Array and Real-Time noise Reduction. 37th Anuual International Conference Of The IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society,. 2015
  • ADACHI YOSHIAKI, OYAMA DAISUKE, Nuanprasert Somchai, Shigenori Kawabata, UEHARA GEN. Simplified Spinal Cord Phantom for Evaluation of SQUID magnetospinography. Journal of Physics: Conference Series. 2014. 507. 042001
  • Yoshiaki Adachi, Daisuke Oyama, Jun Kawai, Shigenori Kawabata, Gen Uehara. Spinal Cord Evoked Magnetic Field Measurement Using a Magnetospinography System Equipped with a Cryocooler. 2013 35TH ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF THE IEEE ENGINEERING IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY SOCIETY (EMBC). 2013. 4426-4429
Lectures and oral presentations  (17):
  • A simulation study of normal volunteer to evaluate auditory evoked response measurement of cochlear implant patient
  • A long baseline fluxgate gradiometer with electrical alignment and its calibration method
    (Intermag2017 2017)
  • Sub-nano Tesla Magnetic Imaging Based on Room-temperature Magnetic Flux Sensors with Vibrating Sample Magnetometry
    (61st Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 2016)
  • Post-cooling calibration of gradiometric SQUID magnetometers for biomagnetic measurement using a spherical coil array
    (The 20th International Conference on Biomagnetism (Biomag2016) 2016)
  • Sensing system for magnetic resonance signal at ultra-low magnetic field
    (International Workshop on Magnetic Bio-Sensing 2016)
Education (2):
  • - 2009 Iwate University Graduate School, Division of Engineering
  • - 2004 Iwate University Faculty of Engineering
Work history (1):
  • 2009/04 - Applied Electronics Lab., Kanazawa Institute of Technology
Association Membership(s) (3):
IEEE Magnetic Society ,  Japan Biomagnetism and Bioelectromagnetics Society ,  The Magnetics Society of Japan
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