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Vafadari kazem M

ヴァファダーリ カゼム | Vafadari kazem M
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Associate Professor
Research field  (4): Landscape science ,  Environmental agriculture ,  Cultural anthropology and folklore ,  Human geography
Research keywords  (7): Satoyama. Satoumi ,  GIAHS ,  Agriculural Heritage ,  Enviromental Economics ,  Sustainability ,  Rural Development ,  Tourism
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (4):
  • 2009 - Satoumi Tourism
  • 2003 - 2006 Study of Iran's tourist attractions for Japanese
  • GIAHS and Toruism
  • Satoyama Tourism
MISC (12):
  • VAFADARI M. Kazem, Varmazyari H, babaei,M. Motive-based segmentation of tourists in rural areas: the case of Maragheh, East Azerbaijan, Iran. International Journal of Tourism Sciences. 2017. 17. 4. 316-331
  • VAFADARI M. Kazem, Cooper M. Celebrating and enhancing the tourism knowledge-based platform: a tribute to Jafar Jafari. Anatolia: an in international journal of tourism and hospitality research. 2014
  • VAFADARI M. Kazem. Tourism Applications of Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) in Japan. IAMURE International Journal of Ecology and Conservation. 2014. 10. 32-43
  • VAFADARI M. Kazem. Tourism and Management of Heritage Landscapes in the Philippines: From the Case The Ifugao Rice Terraces. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism. 2014. 12. 1. 52-72
  • VAFADARI M. Kazem. Planning Sustainable Tourism for Agricultural Heritage Landscapes. Ritsumeikan Journal of Asia Pacific Studies. 2013. 32. 75-89
Books (11):
  • Community Engagement in Japanese Geoparks
    Apple Academic Press 2020
  • Life, Identity and Work in an Arid River Basin: The Case of the Zayandeh-Rud (Life-Giving River) in Central Iran
    Routledge 2018 ISBN:9781138930902
  • Social Media and Knowledge Transfer inTourism Five-Star Hotels in Philadelphia
    Emerald 2017
  • Rural Tourism and Regional Revitalization in Japan: A Spotlight on Satoyama in Dashper, K (Ed) Rural Tourism: An International Experience
    Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2015
  • Current Issues and Emerging Trends in Medical Tourism
    IGI Global Press, Hershey, USA 2015
Lectures and oral presentations  (44):
  • Regional examples of community development & revitalization efforts through tourism
    (Future Tourism Leaders Workshop “Community development and revitalization through tourism 2019)
  • Challenges and Opportunities of Agricultural Heritage Conservation in Belt and Road zones: an Iranian Perspective
    (the 2nd workshop on "Diplomacy of Heritage Conservation and Tourism along Belt and Road Zones 2019)
  • Iran’s heritage tourism as a breakthrough of diplomatic isolation: Implications for Iran-China relationship
    (the workshop on "Diplomacy of Heritage Conservation and Tourism along Belt and Road Zones 2019)
  • Engaging Microentrepreneurs for Improved Destination Equity and Competitiveness Discussants
    (The t-Forum 2018 Global Conference Tourism Intelligence Exchange @ the Industry-Academia Junction 2018)
  • TedQual and Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Best Practices
    (First TedQual Networking meeting 2018)
Education (2):
  • - 2001 Imam Sadiq University, Tehran (Iran) Graduate School, Division of Economics Economics
  • - 1996 Imam Sadiq University, Tehran (Iran) Faculty of Economics Economics
Professional career (1):
  • PhD. Asia Pacific Studies
Committee career (5):
  • Advisory Board ( academia) UNWTO.QUEST certification Program
  • Academic Director, Kunisaki city world agriculture heritage research center
  • co- chair Ramsar convention : food and agriculture group
  • Advisor : Oita prefecture for GIAHS affairs
  • member of scientific committee : international partnership on "Globally Important Agricultural heritage Systems" (GIAHS )
Awards (2):
  • 2009 - KAKEN / Research Project Number:08F08840 日本里山・里海の生態系サービスの環境経済学的解析
  • 2008 - JSPS-UNU Post Doctoral fellowship
Association Membership(s) (7):
Kanazawa University ,  Institute of Nature and Environmental Technology ,  United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization FAO ,  European Association for Japanese Studies ,  International Journal of Ecology and Conservation ,  Associate Editor ,  UNWTO.QUEST program
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