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Yokokawa Mitsuo

ヨコカワ ミツオ | Yokokawa Mitsuo
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Research field  (1): High-performance computing
Research keywords  (1): High performance computing, Parallel argorithm
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (5):
  • 2018 - 2021 マルチコアシステムによる建物・地盤連成地震動解析シミュレーションの最適化
  • 2017 - 2020 強スケーリング性能を指向した計算物理向け超並列行列計算ライブラリの開発
  • 2016 - 2019 Supporting performance-aware programming with machine learning techniques
  • 2014 - 2018 An extended linear algebra library for electronic structure calculation and its optimization for many-core processors
  • 2014 - 2017 Simulation Code Optimization for DNS of Turbulence toward Peta-scale Computing
Papers (82):
MISC (74):
Books (2):
  • Contemporary High Performance Computing: From Petascale toward Exascale, Volume Two, Chapter 5 "The K Computer"
    Taylor & Francis Inc. 2015 ISBN:9781498700627
  • Feasibility Study of a Future HPC System for Memory Intensive Applications: Conceptual Design of Storage System
    Springer International Publishing AG 2015 ISBN:9783319106250
Lectures and oral presentations  (30):
  • Hybrid Computation on Building Responses against Earthquake on a VH and VEs of SX-Aurora TSUBASA
    (Workbench on Sustained Simulation Performance (WSSP2021) 2021)
  • 私たちに身近なスパコンを知ろう!
    (スパコンを知る集い in 岐阜 2019)
  • 私たちに身近なスパコンを知ろう!
    (スパコンを知る集い in 山口 2019)
  • 私たちに身近なスパコンを知ろう!
    (スパコンを知る集い in 水戸 2018)
  • 私たちに身近なスパコンを知ろう!
    (スパコンを知る集い in 大津 2018)
Education (1):
  • - 1984 筑波大学 大学院修士課程理工学研究科修了
Professional career (2):
  • 工学修士 (筑波大学)
  • 工学博士 (筑波大学)
Awards (5):
  • 2014/06 - 電子情報通信学会 電子情報通信学会平成25年度業績賞 スーパーコンピュータ「京」の研究開発
  • 2012/02 - 一般社団法人日本流体力学会 日本流体力学会論文賞 Energy dissipation rate and energy spectrum in high resolution direct numerical simulations of turbulence in a periodic box
  • 2011/11 - Association for Computing Machinery ACM Gordon Bell Prize First principles calculation of electronic states of a silicon nanowire with 100,000 atoms on the K computer
  • 2005/11 - SC|05 International Conference for High Performance Computing Networking and StorageACM/IEEE Best Technical Paper Award Full Electron Calculation Beyond 20,000 Atoms: Ground Electronic State of Photosynthetic Proteins,
  • 2002/11 - Association for Computing Machinery ACM Gordon Bell Prize 16.4-Tflops Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulence by a Fourier Spectral Method on the Earth Simulator
Association Membership(s) (3):
The Japan Society of Fluid Mechanics ,  The Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics ,  Information Processing Society of Japan
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