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Mitsuhiro Matsumoto

Mitsuhiro Matsumoto
Affiliation and department:
Papers (26):
  • Kozo Furuta, Ayami Sato, Kazuhiro Izui, Mitsuhiro Matsumoto, Takayuki Yamada, Shinji Nishiwaki. Shape sensitivity for a two-phase heat conduction problem considering nanoscale effects. JOURNAL OF ADVANCED MECHANICAL DESIGN SYSTEMS AND MANUFACTURING. 2018. 12. 1. 17-00400
  • Mingdi Zhang, Mitsuhiro Matsumoto. Molecular Dynamics Study of 3C-SiC Surface Properties. Functional Nanostructures. 2018. 1. 3. 120-124
  • Takashi Ao, Mitsuhiro Matsumoto. Example of a Fluid-Phase Change Examined with MD Simulation: Evaporative Cooling of a Nanoscale Droplet. LANGMUIR. 2017. 33. 42. 11679-11686
  • Mitsuhiro Matsumoto, Keita Ogawa, Yuichi Yasumoto. Evaporation and boiling in narrow gap. APPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING. 2017. 122. 706-711
  • Keita Ogawa, Yuichi Yasumoto, Mitsuhiro Matsumoto, Hidenobu Wakabayashi. Quasi Two-Dimensional Evaporation and Boiling Under Reduced Pressure. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF AIR-CONDITIONING AND REFRIGERATION. 2017. 25. 1. 1750003
MISC (1):
Books (3):
  • Molecular Simulation in Material and Biological Research
    Nova Science Publishers 2009
  • Computational Materials and Biological Sciences
    Nova Publishers 2015
  • Computer Design for New Drugs and Materials: Molecular Dynamics of Nanoscale Phenomena
    Nova Science Publishers 2017
Lectures and oral presentations  (38):
  • Large-Scale MD Simulation of Mass and Heat Transfer at Interfaces
    (NAREGI International Nanoscience Conference 2005)
  • MD-CFD Hybrid Simulation for Nano Bubble Dynamics
    (Symposium on Molecular Simulation 2006)
  • 分子シミュレーションは熱工学の役に立つか?
    (日本機械学会熱工学コンファレンス2007 2007)
  • Molecular dynamics study on phonon dynamics in single-crystal silicon and argon
    (2007 Proceedings of the ASME/JSME Thermal Engineering Summer Heat Transfer Conference - HT 2007 2007)
  • MD-CFD hybrid simulation of a nanobubble
    (2007 Proceedings of the ASME/JSME Thermal Engineering Summer Heat Transfer Conference - HT 2007 2007)
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