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Kouno Daisuke

Kouno Daisuke
Affiliation and department:
Papers (26):
  • Kotaro Mori, Daisuke Kono, Atsushi Matsubara. A robust level error estimation method for machine tool installation. Precision Engineering. 2019. 58. 70-76
  • Kotaro Mori, Benjamin Bergmann, Daisuke Kono, Berend Denkena, Atsushi Matsubara. Energy efficiency improvement of machine tool spindle cooling system with on-off control. CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology. 2019. 25. 14-21
  • Kotaro Mori, Daisuke Kono, Iwao Yamaji, Atsushi Matsubara. Model-based installation of viscoelastic damper support for reduction of residual vibration. International Journal of Automation Technology. 2018. 12. 5. 650-657
  • 三浦 徹也, 松原 厚, 河野 大輔, 山路 伊和夫, 大高 一馬, 星出 薫. 転動溝の表面形状と接触荷重が転がり摩擦力変動におよぼす影響. 精密工学会誌. 2018. 84. 1. 97-102
  • Daisuke Kono, Akihiro Maruhashi, Iwao Yamaji, Yohei Oda, Masahiko Mori. Effects of cladding path on workpiece geometry and impact toughness in Directed Energy Deposition of 316L stainless steel. CIRP Annals. 2018. 67. 1. 233-236
MISC (45):
  • 河野大輔. JSPE Affiliate News. Journal of the Japan Society for Precision Engineering. 2017. 83. 1. 56-58
  • Kotaro Mori, Daisuke Kono, Iwao Yamaji, Atsushi Matsubara. Vibration reduction of machine tool using viscoelastic damper support. 7TH HPC 2016 - CIRP CONFERENCE ON HIGH PERFORMANCE CUTTING. 2016. 46. 448-451
  • Daisuke Kono, Atsushi Matsubara. Investigation on Direction Dependency of Tool-Workpiece Compliance of Machine Tool. 7TH HPC 2016 - CIRP CONFERENCE ON HIGH PERFORMANCE CUTTING. 2016. 46. 529-532
  • Daisuke Kouno, Kotaro Mori, Iwao Yamaji, Atsushi matsubara. Placement of Machine Tool Supports based on Stiffness Model. the 4th International Conference on Virtual Machining Process Technology (VMPT 2015), 82 , Vancouver, BC, Canada. 2015. 82
  • Daisuke Kouno, Philip Roh, Atsushi matsubara. Investigation on position dependency of tool-workpiece compliance. the 38th MATADOR Conference (MATADOR 2015), 3921 , Huwei, Taiwan. 2015. 3921
Patents (1):
  • 機上測定方法及び測定装置
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