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Tatsuo Horiuchi

Tatsuo Horiuchi
Research field  (1): Anesthesiology
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (2):
  • 2020 - 2022 in vitro検査を用いたアナフィラキシー原因物質の同定と発症メカニズムの特定
  • 2018 - 2020 術後高次脳機能障害(POCD)と酸化ストレス:抗酸化物質は治療薬になるか
Papers (12):
  • Tatsuo Horiuchi, Tomonori Takazawa, Shinya Sakamoto, Masaki Orihara, Akihiko Yokohama, Mutsumi Uchiyama, Shigeru Saito. Possible immunoglobulin-E-dependent sugammadex-induced anaphylaxis caused by an epitope other than γ-cyclodextrin: a case report. Journal of medical case reports. 2021. 15. 1. 313-313
  • Tatsuo Horiuchi, Tomonori Takazawa, Masaki Orihara, Shinya Sakamoto, Kazuhiro Nagumo, Shigeru Saito. Drug-induced anaphylaxis during general anesthesia in 14 tertiary hospitals in Japan: a retrospective, multicenter, observational study. Journal of anesthesia. 2021. 35. 1. 154-160
  • Didier G Ebo, Marie-Line Van der Poorten, Jessy Elst, Athina L Van Gasse, Christel Mertens, Chris Bridts, Lene H Garvey, Tatsuo Horiuchi, Vito Sabato. Immunoglobulin E cross-linking or MRGPRX2 activation: clinical insights from rocuronium hypersensitivity. British journal of anaesthesia. 2020
  • Masaki Orihara, Tomonori Takazawa, Kazuhiro Nagumo, Shinya Sakamoto, Tatsuo Horiuchi, Shigeru Saito. Interpreting the results of early skin tests after perioperative anaphylaxis requires special attention: a case report and review of literature. Journal of anesthesia. 2020. 34. 4. 624-629
  • Marie-Line M Van Der Poorten, Gustavo Molina-Molina, Athina L Van Gasse, Margo M Hagendorens, Margaretha A Faber, Leander De Puysseleyr, Jessy Elst, Christel M Mertens, Tatsuo Horiuchi, Vito Sabato, et al. Application of specific-to-total IgE ratio does not benefit diagnostic performance of serologic testing for rocuronium allergy. British journal of anaesthesia. 2020
MISC (57):
  • Masaki Orihara, Tomonori Takazawa, Tatsuo Horiuchi, Shinya Sakamoto, Mutsumi Uchiyama, Shigeru Saito. Intraoperative anaphylaxis due to aprotinin after local application of fibrin sealant diagnosed by skin tests and basophil activation tests: a case report. JA clinical reports. 2021. 7. 1. 68-68
  • Tatsuo Horiuchi, Tomonori Takazawa, Shigeru Saito. Reply to the letter. Journal of anesthesia. 2021
  • 南雲一洋, 高澤知規, 折原雅紀, 堀内辰男, 坂本晋也, 齋藤繁. ロクロニウムによるアナフィラキシー:好塩基球活性化試験による診断のためのカットオフ値の検討と発生頻度の調査. 日本麻酔科学会学術集会(Web). 2021. 68th
  • 齊藤 保雅, 堀内 辰男, 高澤 知規, 高橋 淳子, 大川 牧生, 富岡 昭裕, 齋藤 繁. 皮膚テストと好塩基球活性化試験により確定診断したセファゾリンによるアナフィラキシーショックの小児症例. 麻酔. 2020. 69. 10. 1130-1134
  • Toshie Shiraishi, Mitsuyo Nakamura, Tatsuo Horiuchi, Tomonori Takazawa. Anaphylaxis caused by butylscopolamine bromide: a case report. JA clinical reports. 2020. 6. 1. 26-26
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