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Ito Akane

イトウ アカネ | Ito Akane
Affiliation and department:
Job title: 助教
Papers (5):
  • Ruth Esther Delina, Carlo Arcilla, Tsubasa Otake, Jhonard John Garcia, Mark Tan, Akane Ito. Chromium occurrence in a nickel laterite profile and its implications to surrounding surface waters. Chemical Geology. 2020. 558. 119863-119863
  • Frances Chikanda, Tsubasa Otake, Yoko Ohtomo, Akane Ito, Takaomi D. Yokoyama, Tsutomu Sato. Magmatic-Hydrothermal Processes Associated with Rare Earth Element Enrichment in the Kangankunde Carbonatite Complex, Malawi. Minerals. 2019. 9. 7. 442-442
  • S Sufriadin, Sri Widodo, Akane Ito, Tsubasa Otake, Kenzo Sanematsu. Geochemical study of ultramafic rocks from Latowu area of North Kolaka, Southeast Sulawesi and its implication for CO2 sequestration. Journal of Degraded and Mining Lands Management. 2018. 5. 4. 1403-1408
  • Akane Ito, Tsubasa Otake, Ki-Cheol Shin, Kamar Shah Ariffin, Fei-Yee Yeoh, Tsutomu Sato. Geochemical signatures and processes in a stream contaminated by heavy mineral processing near Ipoh city, Malaysia. Applied Geochemistry. 2017. 82. 89-101
  • Chee Heong Ooi, Akane Ito, Tsubasa Otake, Fei Yee Yeoh. Cerium removal by activated carbon derived from palm kernel shell. Advanced Materials Letters. 2016. 8. 2. 145-149
Association Membership(s) (2):
資源地質学会 ,  地球化学会
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