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Ito Takeshi

イトウ タケシ | Ito Takeshi
Affiliation and department:
Papers (4):
  • Satoshi Awata, Takeshi Ito, Karen D. Crow, Yasunori Koya, Hiroyuki Munehara. The first record of egg masses in tunicates deposited by the snubnose sculpin, Orthonopias triacis , from the Northeastern Pacific: evidence for convergent evolution of an unusual reproductive strategy. Journal of Fish Biology. 2022. 100. 1. 82-91
  • T. Ito, I. Kinoshita, D. Tahara, A. Goto, S. Tojima, V. G. Sideleva, A. B. Kupchinsky, S. Awata. Fertilization modes drive the evolution of sperm traits in Baikal sculpins. Journal of Zoology. 2021. 314. 1. 20-30
  • Takeshi Ito, Satoshi Awata. Optimal methods to fix fish sperm for optical microscopic observation: comparisons among different fixative solutions using sperms of copulatory and non-copulatory marine fishes. Ichthyological Research. 2019. 66. 2. 307-315
  • Koya Yasunori, Mitsuhashi Naoya, Awata Satoshi, Ito Takeshi, Munehara Hiroyuki. Identification of the reproductive mode for internal gamete association in Vellitor centropomus (Cottidae): gonadal histological analysis. Japanese Journal of Ichthyology. 2015. 62. 2. 121-131
Professional career (1):
  • Ph. D (Science) (Osaka City University)
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