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Koike Shigeki

コイケ シゲキ | Koike Shigeki
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Economic history
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (6):
  • 地域産業史の研究
  • 海軍工廠史の研究
  • 日本造船業史の研究
  • Study on the history of Reagional Industries mainly in Gumma
  • Study on the history of the Imperial Naval Arsenal
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MISC (12):
  • 遠洋航路補助法の制定と日本造船業(1)〜(5). 高崎経済大学論集. 1994. 37-41. 96
  • An Establishment of the Law to Support Ocean Regular Lines and the Japanese Shipbuilding Industry(1)-(5). THE ECONOMIC JOURNAL OF TAKASAKI CITY UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS. 1994. 37-41. 96
  • 船岡海軍火薬廠の建設と排水路敷設問題. 高崎経済大学論集. 1993. 36. 1
  • On problems which arised in laying drainpipe lines, which formed part of building Funaoka Imperial Powder plant. THE ECONOMIC JOURNAL OF TAKASAKI CITY UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS. 1993. 36. 1
  • 昭和十年代の日本造船業. 高崎経済大学附属産業研究所紀要. 1988. 30周年記念
Books (6):
  • 艦艇建造と技術導入・開発-1930年代日本の船体溶接技術
    『開発の断面』所収。(共著) 1996
  • On the introduction of new technology and technological development in the Building of the Imperial Naval Vssels in 1930's
    Sections in the Development 1996
  • 高崎と群馬の電力産業の史的展開
    『高崎の産業と経済の歴史 (]G0002[)』(共著)所収 1987
  • On the Historical Development of the Electric Power Industry in Takasaki and Gumma
    The History of Industries and Econmy in Takasaki 1987
  • 製糸業の史的展開
    『高崎の産業と経済の歴史』(共著)所収 1979
Professional career (1):
  • (BLANK)
Association Membership(s) (2):
土地制度史学会 ,  社会経済史学会
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