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IKEGAMI Takahisa

イケガミ タカヒサ | IKEGAMI Takahisa
Affiliation and department:
Homepage URL  (2): http://www-mls.tsurumi.yokohama-cu.ac.jp/lab/stbiol.htmlhttp://http://www.tsurumi.yokohama-cu.ac.jp/stbiol/
Research field  (2): Biophysics ,  Structural biochemistry
Research keywords  (4): NMR ,  protein ,  3D-structure ,  nuclear magnetic resonance
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • 2002 - 2006 Determination of protein structures by NMR
Papers (96):
  • Charoenwattanasatien R, Zinzius K, Scholz M, Wicke S, Tanaka H, Brandenburg JS, Marchetti GM, Ikegami T, Matsumoto T, Oda T, Sato M, Hippler M, Kurisu G. Calcium sensing via EF-hand 4 enables thioredoxin activity in the sensor-responder protein calredoxin in the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. The Journal of biological chemistry. 2020. 295. 1. 170-180
  • Schuller JM, Birrell JA, Tanaka H, Konuma T, Wulfhorst H, Cox N, Schuller SK, Thiemann J, Lubitz W, Sétif P, Ikegami T, Engel BD, Kurisu G, Nowaczyk MM. Structural adaptations of photosynthetic complex I enable ferredoxin-dependent electron transfer. Science (New York, N.Y.). 2018. 363. 6424. 257-260
  • Tanaka H, Akutsu H, Yabuta I, Hara M, Sugimoto H, Ikegami T, Watanabe T, Fujiwara T. A novel chitin-binding mode of the chitin-binding domain of chitinase A1 from Bacillus circulans WL-12 revealed by solid-state NMR. FEBS letters. 2018. 592. 18. 3173-3182
  • Hiroaki H, Satomura K, Goda N, Nakakura Y, Hiranuma M, Tenno T, Hamada D, Ikegami T. Spatial Overlap of Claudin- and Phosphatidylinositol Phosphate-Binding Sites on the First PDZ Domain of Zonula Occludens 1 Studied by NMR. Molecules (Basel, Switzerland). 2018. 23. 10
  • Konuma Tsuyoshi, Nagadoi Aritaka, Kurita Jun-ichi, Ikegami Takahisa. Analysis of Artifacts Caused by Pulse Imperfections in CPMG Pulse Trains in NMR Relaxation Dispersion Experiments. MAGNETOCHEMISTRY. 2018. 4. 3
MISC (177):
  • 武藤梨沙, 河合(久保田)寿子, 池上貴久. Structural Analyses of Photosystem I-Ferredoxin Complex. 生物物理(Web). 2019. 59. 1. 032-034(J-STAGE)-34
  • 大木出, 藤咲貴大, 池上貴久, 白川昌宏, 水落憲和. 溶液NMRにおける生体高分子の核超偏極技術の開発. Abstracts. Annual Meeting of the NMR Society of Japan. 2018. 57th. 106-107
  • 古板恭子, 服部良一, 池上貴久, 服部良一, 池上貴久, 藤原敏道, 児嶋長次郎, 児嶋長次郎. 長いT1を持つ分子の高感度溶液NMR測定法の開発. Abstracts. Annual Meeting of the NMR Society of Japan. 2018. 57th. 104-105
  • 田中秀明, 梅野恵太, 三角裕子, KIM Ju Yaen, ROEGNER Matthias, 池上貴久, NOWACZYK Marc, 栗栖源嗣. 循環型電子伝達に関わるNDH-1複合体の構造および相互作用解析. 日本蛋白質科学会年会プログラム・要旨集. 2018. 18th. 88
  • 長土居有隆, 池上貴久. 緩和分散CPMG法におけるスピン状態に依存したアーティファクト削減の解析. Abstracts. Annual Meeting of the NMR Society of Japan. 2017. 56th. 134-135
Lectures and oral presentations  (39):
  • ヌクレオチド除去修復蛋白質の立体構造解析--XPAとRPA (第1部 DNA除去修復機構とその破綻)
    (蛋白質核酸酵素 2001)
  • DNA修復ネットワークとその破綻の分子病態 I DNA除去修復機構とその破綻 ヌクレオチド除去修復蛋白質の立体構造解析 XPAとRPA
    (蛋白質 核酸 酵素 2001)
  • 蛋白質の磁場中での配向方法 -- とくに遷移金属を用いての構造情報の取得について
    (The 19th Bruker-Biospin Users’ Meeting 2002)
  • 核磁気共鳴(NMR)による蛋白質とリガンドとの相互作用の解析
    (大阪大学低温センターだより 2004)
  • 多次元NMRを短時間で測定する方法
    (分光研究 = Journal of the spectroscopical research of Japan 2004)
Education (2):
  • 1987 - 1991 Osaka University Faculty of Science Department of Biology
  • 1994 - 1996 Osaka University Graduate School, Division of Natural Science Department of Biochemistry
Professional career (1):
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Osaka University)
Work history (8):
  • 1987/04 - 1991/03 Osaka University B. Sc. Biology
  • 1991/04 - 1994/03 Hitachi, Ltd. Engineer of electron microscopy
  • 1994/04 - 1996/03 Osaka University M. Sc. Biochemistry
  • 1996 - 2000 Nara Institute of Science and Technology Research Associate
  • 2000 - 2001 Frankfurt University JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship
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Awards (1):
  • 1991 - Kusumoto-chancellor Prize
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