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Gifu University

岐阜大学, ギフダイガク
Representive : President, MORIWAKI Hisataka
Establishment year: 1949
Address: 1-1 Yanagido, Gifu-shi, Gifu 501-1193Japan
Organization/Research department name (19):
  • 21,Faculty of Education, Faculty of Regional Studies,
  • School of Medicine, Faculty of Engineering,
  • Facutlty of Applied Biological Sciences, University Hospotal,
  • Graduate School of Education,
  • Graduate School of Regional,Studeies
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History (35):
  • 1873/01
    Gifu University consists of the Faculty of Education,the Faculty of Regional Studies,the School of Medicine,the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Agriculture. The Faculty of Education can be traced back more than one hundred years when it was established as the Teacher's Training School in 1873.The Faculty of Regional Studies was newly established in 1996.The School of Medicine began as the Gifu Prefectural Medical College in 1947 and has a history of fifty one years.Thefaculty of Engineering began as the Gifu Prefectural Higher Technical School in1942 and has a history of fifty six years. The Faculty of Agriculture was established as the Gifu Agricultural and Foresty College in 1923 and has a history ofseventy five years.
  • 1949/05
    Gifu University was established (Faculty of Liberal Arts and Faculty of Agriculture).
  • 1952/04
    Faculty of Engineering was established.
  • 1953/04
    Hospital for Domestic Animals attached to Faculty of Agriculture was established.
  • 1966/01
    Since 1966 there has been an M.A.program in the Faculty of Agriculture and since1967 an M.E.program in the Faculty of Engineering.The School of Medicine has offered a doctral program in Medical Science since 1967.In 1990,in cooperation withObihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine,
Purpose of establishment:
Learning. Exploring. Contributing. GIFU UNIVERSITY
The University was established with the aim of giving a
wide range of education and conducting specialized
fields of arts and sciences. With these activities, the
University nurtures people who can contribute to the
advance of science and culture, by encouraging them to
develop intellectual, moral and application capability.
Business overview:
Gifu University consists of five faculties, that is,
Faculty of Education, Faculty of Regional Studies,
School of Medicine, Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty
of Applied Biological Sciences. The term of study of each
faculty is four years with the exception of School of
Medicine and Department of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of
Agriculture (six years). Students who get credits
required for graduation will be given bachelor's
Branch Organization  (76):

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